Crying Candles Cry Scented Tears When You Burn Them

crying candles

Have you ever looked at a burning candle and thought it looked as if it were crying wax tears? These awesome, creative crying candles are full of carefully crafted emotion whenever you burn them. It works like this: as the candle burns the holders are made just so that the scented candles inside melt through the ceramic candle holders’ eyes.

The Jacks, a design team from South Korea, is responsible for inventing the nifty crying candles. The Jacks is a team of 2 graphic designers as well as a 3D artist and sculptor. The idea for these candles came a long way from original formation to execution. You can read more on their Kickstarter page, but the crying candles started out as a skull-inspired ashtray.

Once the idea for crying candles was underway it got a little tricky. The candle and holder had to be designed just right in order for the scented wax to escape through the eyes in a way that mimics real tears.

The Kickstarter campaign for the crying candles has already far surpassed its original goal of $15,000. At the time of writing this, the candles have now earned $80,018 in pledges, and the project is still open to donations for 11 more days.

crying-candles-skulls-animal-heads-the-jacks-8The Jacks wrote on their Kickstarter page, “We always liked to amaze our friends by creating new things which has never existed before. So we have decided to make a team and create things since when we met in university. We have wished to make our own brand with very unique sensitivity.”

crying-candles-skulls-animal-heads-the-jacks-12crying-candles-skulls-animal-heads-the-jacks-4crying-candles-skulls-animal-heads-the-jacks-9crying-candles-skulls-animal-heads-the-jacks-10After your candle burns out you can also use the holders as planters!

crying-candles-skulls-animal-heads-the-jacks-5Loving these creative crying candles? Make sure and check out the official Jacks’ website and Kickstarter campaign!

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