24 More Creative Cakes That Are Too Sweet To Eat!


In the past we have shared some of the most creative cakes, but wait… there’s more! Talented bakers from all over the world continue to create new edible masterpieces all of the time, and we just can’t help but share the latest cakes they’re dishing up.

Baking isn’t only a culinary talent, but it is also a visual art. With the right mix of ingredients bakers can create something delicious as well as breathtakingly beautiful. Cake artists often use fondant to create toppings that resemble anything but food, although bakers have many other tricks up their aprons as well.

The creative cakes on this list are a feast for your eyes and your tummy… although it might be a bit painful to cut into any one of these delicious masterpieces.

1. Alice In Wonderland Cake

creative-cakes-36__605Photo Credit: Naera

2. Lord Of The Rings Cake

creative-cakes-12__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. “The Big Eater” Cake

creative-cakes-60__605Photo Credit: LauraLoukaides

4. Cookie Monster Cake

creative-cakes-9__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. Sesame Street Toy Box Cake

creative-cakes-56__605Photo Credit: sonja73

6. LEGO Wedding Cake

creative-cakes-79__605Photo Credit: Cupcakes By SJ

7. Strawberries And Cream Cake Defies Laws Of Gravity (And Makes My Mouth Water)

creative-cakes-52__605Photo Credit: LauraLoukaides

8. Fruit And Veggie Cake

Despite how real the fruits and veggies look the entire cake is amazingly made from sugar.

creative-cakes-64__605Photo Credit: UberPrioritizer

9. Game Of Thrones Cake

Winter isn’t coming… but ‘thirty’ is!

creative-cakes-11__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

10. Fancy ’24 Carrot’ Cake

creative-cakes-14__605Photo Credit: Paige Russell

11. Smaug The Dragon Cake

creative-cakes-2__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Cake

creative-cakes-10__605Photo Credit: astateofjoy.wordpress.com 

13. Groom’s Cake Designed By His Wife

creative-cakes-65__605Photo Credit: anapollosun

14. Dragon Cake

creative-cakes-63__605Photo Credit: Proteon

15. “A Cake My Friend Made For My Son’s Lego Themed Party”

I’d say this friend is a keeper!

3E19YHc__605Photo Credit: mibrewer

16. Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

creative-cakes-351__605Photo Credit: Verusca Walker

17. The Charmander Cake

creative-cakes-13__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

18. The Flintstones Cake

creative-cakes-27__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. A Gravity Defying Spin On The Classic “Ice Cream Cake”

creative-cakes-53__605Photo Credit: Roses And Bows Cakery

20. Super Mario Wedding Cake

creative-cakes-43__605Photo Credit: Verusca Walker

21. Ralph Wiggum From The Simpsons Cutout Cake

creative-cakes-18__605Photo Credit: Kylie Mangles

22. Good Morning From The Satchel Cake

creative-cakes-58__605Photo Credit: LauraLoukaides

23. Cinema Cake

creative-cakes-34__605Photo Credit: Verusca Walker

24. Shrimp Noodle Bowl Cake

creative-cakes-541__605Photo Credit: crafty.com

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