This Couple Took An Amazing Newborn Photoshoot…With Their Dog


We are a culture obsessed with dogs. An overwhelming number of dog owners buy organic dog food, include dogs in family photos, and even dress their dogs in cute little outfits. Dogs are 4-legged children, and to prove it Jamie Clauss decided to have a newborn baby photo shoot with her pet dog, Snuggles, and husband Chase.

The idea came after Jamie wrapped up a photo shoot for clients and decided that with nothing else to do, why not have a fun photo play date with her family. Jamie Clauss is a professional photographer for weddings and families, and so too is her husband Chase.

Their cute dog Snuggles is not a professional photographer, but they let him remain in the family regardless. After all, he looks so great in photos! They decided to use him as their tiny-tot for a fun twist on a newborn baby photo shoot.

The couple worked all of the signature ‘newborn baby’ poses with their pup, and Snuggles did a great job playing along. With those adorable eyes, and a tolerance for wearing flowers, it’s easy to see why these two photographers adore their dog Snuggles so very much.

Here are some of fun photos from their heartwarming newborn doggy photo shoot!




All dressed up and nowhere to go, these 2 photographers decided to create a one-of-a-kind photo shoot. Super dog Snuggles is the leading baby around here!


The cute photo-snapping couple remembered all of the best baby photo poses–like the baby wrapped up in a towel while mom and dad adore each other, the happy family all-smiles pose, and the feet-up fun family pose.

You know, all of the photos we we are used to seeing of couples and their new baby. The new baby just isn’t usually a grown dog.


You can tell 2 professional photographers took part in this shoot, it’s all in the little details. Like the long hanging blanket, the perfect hair placement, and the sweet intimate moments that capture more than 1,000 words.


On her blog Jamie writes about the photo shoot explaining that it, “..was meant to be very tongue-in-cheek and just plain silly.” In fact she didn’t do anything with the photos for 8 long months, she didn’t even show them to her closest pals. Instead the amazing photos remained tucked away, hidden from the world.


When Jamie  thought about sharing the photos of the ‘newborn’ photo shoot, she experienced worry over what the public would think about them, and her. Would they understand the humor behind it all, or would they judge and throw hate her way?


As always, we serve as our own toughest critic. How could anyone hate on these adorable photos!?!

Thankfully for all of us, Jamie did finally find the courage to share her amazing and unique photos online. Jamie couldn’t believe when the photos went viral, and not because people had anything bad to say, but because people simply love them!


“I’m not too big for this basket, I’m just a baby!”


Snuggled up tight between mom and dad!


Jamie Clauss is the owner and photographer of Count It Joy Photography. Jamie loves her job photographing people each day, getting to know them and their families, and capturing the joy of love and life at just the right moments.

When Jamie is not busy taking photos she enjoys loving on her family, eating chocolate, and playing with her rescue doggies.


If you live in the North Alabama area, you just might be lucky enough to hire Jamie to take photos of your pets, family, weddings, and more!




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