10 Cool Lifeguard Stations Around America

Lifeguard Off Duty Maui Hawaii Photo Credit- Edward Fielding

Let’s have a look at some of America’s cool lifeguard stations. Some are multi-colored and funky while some are monotoned and simple. The photographers have done a nice job of capturing each of these lifeguard stations against the stunning backdrop of sea or ocean. Some are so cool that you might be tempted to convert them into your own little beach homes !

1. Tower 27 

Tower 27 Photo Credit- Larry MarshallPhoto Credit- Larry Marshall

Sunset at Tower 27 in Carlsbad, California.

2. Newport Beach Lifeguard Tower 

Newport Beach Pier And Lifeguard Tower Photo Credit- Paul VelgosPhoto Credit- Paul Velgos

Photo of Newport Beach lifeguard tower 22 and Newport Pier at sunrise. It’s located on Balboa Peninsula in Orange County, Southern California along the Pacific Ocean.

3. No Lifeguard On Duty 

No Lifeguard On Duty Photo Credit- Martin WilliamsPhoto Credit- Martin Williams

One of the many wonderfully indivudually designed lifeguard towers on Miami beach, Florida.

4. Sunrise Watch 

Sunrise Watch Photo Credit- Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit- Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Singer Island, Riviera Beach, South Florida.

5. Lifeguard Stand At The Beach 

Lifeguard Stand At The Beach Photo Credit- Skip NallPhoto Credit- Skip Nall

6. California Dreaming 

California Dreaming Photo Credit- Larry MarshallPhoto Credit- Larry Marshall

A beautiful California sunset on Ponto Beach in Carlsbad.

7. South Beach 

South Beach Photo Credit- Rod McLeanPhoto Credit- Rod McLean

Lifeguard Station, South Beach, Miami, Florida.

8. Lifeguard Off Duty

Lifeguard Off Duty Maui Hawaii Photo Credit- Edward FieldingPhoto Credit- Edward Fielding

A beautiful beach on the Hawaiian island of Maui featuring the unique yellow lifeguard shacks.

9. Summer Of Color 

Summer Of Color Photo Credit- Eddie YerkishPhoto Credit- Eddie Yerkish

Taken in Hermosa Beach, California

10. Lifeguard Chair 

Lifeguard Chair Photo Credit- Joe HicksonPhoto Credit- Joe Hickson

This image was captured on the beaches of Avalon, NJ minutes before a rainstorm over the ocean hit land.