Photos From Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Prove Animals Are Funnier Than Humans


Humans are funny and all but animals are clearly funnier. One thing is for certain, whenever I hang out with animals I constantly laugh at all of the funny and odd things they do.

Animals are so funny in fact there’s a new contest for wildlife photographers called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. This is the first year the contest was held and photographers from 52 countries submitted the funniest photos of wild animals captured on their cameras. Judges then looked through 1,502 entries and announced 45 finalists.

Wildlife photographer and founder of the competition Paul Joynson-Hicks said, “I can’t believe the incredible amount of entries we have achieved in our first year and from so many different countries, its very exciting indeed.”

According to the official rules all submissions had to be taken of wild animals, no zoo animals or domesticated pets, but that didn’t make judging the photos too much easier. Joynson-Hicks said, “Judging was incredibly hard as we had a lot of hilarious images to try and whittle down to the final 45. I think people have really enjoyed this competition, something a little bit different. It definitely exceeds our expectations for our inaugural year.”

The final stage of judging takes place later this month, and the winners will be revealed on November 11. There are some pretty sweet prizes at stake, including photographic safaris in southern Tanzania and Nikon cameras.

Get a good laugh looking at some of the top finalist photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Warrior Pose

This adorable white sifaka in Madagascar is either getting down to “Saturday Night Fever” or enjoying a meditative yoga flow.

151014092117-alison-buttigieg-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Alison Buttigieg

Bird The Barber

151014092413-barrie-walsh-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Barrie Walsh

Hippo Going Bonkers Over Birds

151014094130-marc-mol-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Marc Mol

Exxxxcellent– These Two Are Clearly Plotting World Domination

151014092009-aaron-karnovski-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Aaron Karnovsky

Crowded House– It’s Time To Upgrade To A Bigger Tree

151014093034-graham-mcgeorge-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Graham McGeorge

Evil Knievels– Where Are The Keys, They’ve Got To Be Here Somewhere

151014110346-motorbike-comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Simon Slater

Picking A Winner

151014110059-nose-picker-comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Oli Dreike

Bleating Hilarious

151014100734-yuzuru-masuda-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Yuzuru Masuda

I Thought I Told You We Are Done Stealing Cars

151014092610-christina-alexander-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Christina Alexander

Leggy Models Always Fighting Over Camera Time

151014093131-janet-miles-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Janet Miles

Belly Laughs For Days

151014093723-julie-hunt-2-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Julie Hunt

Oh, Nuts!

151014093453-john-brown-exlarge-169Photo Credit: John Brown

Kung Pow Squirrel

151014093613-julian-rad-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Julian Rad

Even Birds Have Bad Hair Days

151014094733-michael-erwin-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Michael Erwin


151014095304-renata-ewald-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Renata Ewald

I’m Camouflaged… Right?

151014100530-william-richardson-exlarge-169Photo Credit: William Richardson

Rebel Of The Forest

151014092801-gil-gofer-exlarge-169Photo Credit: Gil Gofer

More Info: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards  (h/t: CNN)

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