Seattle’s City Hall Became Kitty Hall After Being Flooded With Kittens

kittens city hall seattle

Photo Credit: City of Seattle

In an annual event to raise awareness for pet adoption, by official proclamation of the mayor, Seattle’s City Hall became Kitty Hall for one magical afternoon in downtown Seattle earlier this month.

People lined up for a chance to meet 11 kittens at Seattle City Hall during the event sponsored by the city of Seattle and the Seattle Animal Shelter, with Mayor Ed Murray on hand himself to meet the furry visitors. It’s the second year running that the mayor has turned over his office to a gaggle of scene-stealing fluffy adoptable kittens.

kitten city hall2

kitten mayor

Photo Credit: Twitter @MayorEdMurray

The purpose of the event, other than making the world a much more adorable place, was to get folks excited about adopting and fostering cats.

Shelter director Don Jordan told The Huffington Post: “Kitty Hall makes sense because in addition to cats being friendly, affectionate and altogether awesome companions, they are also the ultimate political animals.

“They stand firm on their beliefs and fight hard for what they want,” he said. “Though they are known to ignore their constituents if it suits them.”

The Seattle Animal Shelter, as well as shelters across the country, have an abundance of cute cats and kittens who are looking for homes. Of course, there are plenty of dogs and a wide variety of other animals too, just waiting for a human to call their own.