Cats Wearing Kimonos Is A Thing In Japan


Is it just me or are Japanese pet-owners always up to something new and cool? The latest and greatest cat-themed trend in Japan just might be the most adorably pawsome yet. In Japan, cats wearing kimonos is the new ‘it-thing’ and all the cool cats are doing it.

In Japan, both kimonos and cats are pretty popular, so it only makes sense that the two have finally collided together. Kimonos are traditional Japanese robes typically only worn for special occasions. The cats in kimonos on this list may or may not be celebrating anything special but they sure look adorable all dressed up.

Cats wearing kimonos are even cuter than expected, causing people from all over the world to covet a little kimono for their feline friend. As a result, there are now cat kimonos available for sale on Amazon. And yes, of course I’m ordering some for my cats, right meow!

1. Kimono Wearing Cutie Pie

cat-kimonos-japan-20__605Photo Credit:

2. Fancy Felines

cat-kimonos-japan-19__605Photo Credit:

3. Model Material

cat-kimonos-japan-7__605Photo Credit:

4. Meow

cat-kimonos-japan-10-1Photo Credit:

5. The Most Puurrfect Robe Of All

cat-kimonos-japan-21__605Photo Credit:

6. Three Little Kitties All Dressed Up In The Window

cat-kimonos-japan-5__605Photo Credit:

7. Does This Bow Make My Back Look Big?

cat-kimonos-japan-24__605Photo Credit: Unknown

8. Being This Amazing Is Hard Work… Is It Nap Time Yet?

cat-kimonos-japan-11__605cat-kimonos-japan-2__605Photo Credit:

9. Cute And I Know It!

cat-kimonos-japan-41Photo Credit:

10. Why Hello There

cat-kimonos-japan-10-1Photo Credit:

11. All Dressed Up Now Where’s The Tuna?

cat-kimonos-japan-1-1Photo Credit:

12. Wishing Her Mom Ordered A Bigger Size

“But my cat kimono doesn’t hang down the same as the cats wearing kimonos I saw online!” 

cat-kimonos-japan-16__605Photo Credit: Giorgio Lo

13. When Do I Get To Take This Off And Am I Getting Treats For This?

cat-kimonos-japan-14__605Photo Credit:

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