This 104-Year-Old Street Artist Keeps Yarn-Bombing Her Town

Your granny might knit with yarn, but this awesome granny bombs with it! Grace Brett just might be the oldest street artist in the world. At 104-years-old, the adorable great-grandmother has a passion for yarn-bombing her town. She works alongside Souter Stormers as a part of a secretive group of ‘yarnstormers’ that yarn-bombed 46 landmarks […]

Cat Egg Mold Lets You Make Your Eggs Kitty-Side Up

Forget sunny-side up, I’ll take my eggs kitty-side up! Finally a new way to enjoy breakfast for cat lovers everywhere, this Cat Egg Mold allows you to enjoy eggs shaped like your favorite animal. As if you don’t spend enough time each day worshiping your cat, here’s yet another way to pay tribute to feline […]

Mysteriously Beautiful ‘End Of Times’ Cloud In Costa Rica Spotted Last Week

You can only imagine the shock people felt when they saw this stunning and mysterious cloud looming over Costa Rica last week. The incredible scene was spotted on Tuesday afternoon in a number of cities including San Jose, Pavas, Escazu, Parrita and Hatillo. Incredibly, the cloud appeared in the sky on the country’s Independence Day. […]

Jelani The Gorilla Really Loves Looking At Smartphone Pics

Gorillas are incredibly smart, curious and have two working eyes and so it only makes sense that they would enjoy looking at pictures of other gorillas. In other words, Jelani is not the first gorilla to enjoy smartphone pictures as much as humans, but he is one of the first documented and shared. Meet Jelani, […]

Crying Candles Cry Scented Tears When You Burn Them

Have you ever looked at a burning candle and thought it looked as if it were crying wax tears? These awesome, creative crying candles are full of carefully crafted emotion whenever you burn them. It works like this: as the candle burns the holders are made just so that the scented candles inside melt through […]