Sports Car with Solar Panel Exterior Can Drive All Day Without Being Recharged

Photo Credit: EVX Ventures based out of Melbourne, Australia is making its debut into the electric automobile market with a rather striking and futuristic looking¬†aerodynamic sports car with solar panel exterior that can drive all day without being recharged, using power from the sun. Called The Immortus, the sleek two-seater has an unlimited traveling […]

Photographer Creates Surreal And Bizarre Images With One Simple Trick

Photo Credits:¬†Stephen McMennamy Manipulating photos have become a popular art form where photographs are digitally altered, combined, and rearranged to create new and often surreal images. They can actually become very complex, but artist and photographer Stephen McMennamy shows in his “Combo Photos,” that sometimes creating a surreal image is as easy as sticking two […]

Squirrel Breaks Into Bar, Gets Drunk and Destroys It

Photo Credit: What sounds like a very bad joke is actually true: A squirrel breaks into bar, gets drunk and destroys it. Seriously. Sam Boulter, the owner of the Honeybourne Railyway Club, walked into his bar on Sunday night and initially thought it had been ransacked by burglars, but then he saw a rodent […]

Amazing Sights Captured on Google Earth

Photo Credits:¬†Google Earth Google Earth allows us to see across the globe in seconds, viewing sights we might ever get the chance to see in person, including the spectacular features of Yellowstone National Park like the vibrant colors of Grand Prismatic Spring, pictured above. The hot spring radiates extremely hot water along with stunning prismatic […]

Meet Adam, the Dog Allergic to Humans

Photo Credit: Pet dander is one of the most common allergens in humans, lots of people are sadly allergic to dogs and cats, but have you ever heard of a dog allergic to humans? Well, Robin Herman at Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue thought she had seen it all, but a black lab named Adam […]