Must-Visit Destinations for Mystery Lovers

Photo Credit: Velvet Escape The world is filled with mysteries – and, if you’re a mystery lover who wants to explore some of the best, these spectacular must-visit destinations for mystery lovers are ideal, including the Ancient City of Petra in Jordan, pictured above. This “lost city,” made up of hundreds of homes, tombs, temples, obelisks […]

Stunning Sculpture At Burning Man Festival Shows The Inner Child Trapped Inside Every Adult Body

Burning Man Festival takes place every year in the middle of Nevada’s unforgiving Black Rock desert. Thousands of people come from near and far to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every year the festival displays many stunning works of art, but perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring from this year’s festival was the sculpture of two adult […]

Breathtaking Photos Capture China’s Incredible Beauty

finish apartments Photo Credit: Ken Koskela Over the summer,  Chicago-based travel photographer Ken Koskela spent 17 days in China, where he captured a stunning mix of environmental portraits and awe-inspiring landscapes that highlight the rich beauty and culture of this Asian nation. The artist did a spectacular job of capturing China’s incredible beauty. As My […]

Magnificent Abandoned Buildings in Europe Captured in Striking Photos

Photo Credit: Christian Richter/Instagram There is something hauntingly beautiful about an abandoned building, and photographer Christian Richter says that he fell in love with them when he was very young after receiving a camera as a present. He began capturing the striking beauty of magnificent abandoned buildings on film, mostly photographing empty buildings with grand […]

10 Of The Largest And Most Incredible Waterfalls On Planet Earth

Waterfalls are powerful, majestic and incredibly beautiful. There’s something so spectacular about seeing so much water rushing from such great heights. If you love waterfalls you need to see the falls on this list at some point in your life. 1. Victoria Falls located in Zambezi River, bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia To kick off our list […]

Breathtaking Glaciers You Should See Before They Disappear

Photo Credit: Glaciers form over many years, often centuries, and only on land, whereas icebergs float on the water. Together they hold most of the earth’s fresh waters, but many glaciers are disappearing. As the planet’s ice is rapidly melting, with glaciologists predicting that some of the world’s glaciers will be entirely gone within […]

Oregon’s Magical Lost Lake is Disappearing Down a Mysterious Hole

Photo Credit: Justin Renshaw/ For as long as anyone can remember, something very perplexing has been happening at Lost Lake in central Oregon’s Willamette National Forest. The magical lake is disappearing down a mysterious hole, and it has residents stumped. When winter arrives, nearby streams drain into the lake and cause it to fill with […]

9 Best Snorkeling Spots You Need To Explore At Least Once

There is nothing quite like snorkeling, the colorful sights, curious creatures and breathtaking coral reefs offer a unique twist on the landscapes we typically view. It’s not difficult to snorkel and both kids and adults can quickly learn how to do so. Every vacation is that much better when paired with a snorkeling adventure. Regardless […]