Guy Quits His Job To Go On Adventures With His Husky

Is it idiotic or brilliant to quit your job to go on adventures with your dog? Take a peek at Henrik Vikse’s Instagram and the exciting sounding endeavor suddenly looks more brilliant than you might instantly assume. Vikse quit his day job, but he didn’t stop working altogether, that wouldn’t be so wise. Instead, he […]

More Spectacular Reasons to Visit Ireland

Photo Credit: Facebook/Karen Dermody If you still haven’t visited the Emerald Isle, these pictures might just change your mind – as if you needed more reasons to visit Ireland. With the dollar strong against the euro and autumn one of the most spectacular times to be there, now is definitely time to pack your bags! […]

Fairy-Tale Tree House Ideal for Awakening Your Inner Child

Photo Credit: TreeHouse Point If you loved tree houses growing up, or have just always dreamed of living in your own, this fairy-tale tree house in Washington State is ideal for awakening your inner child. Owner Pete Nelson says he’s a lifelong tree house connoisseur. It’s a passion he’s had since childhood, starting with clapboard […]

Stunning Arctic Photos That Will Make You Want to Escape the Real World and Go Now

Photo Credit: Tiina Törmänen Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen captures the incredible, remote beauty of the remote wilderness in stunning Arctic photos where human contact is rare and the sky looms huge and distant. Perhaps you can relate – if the chaos of the ‘real world,’ hustle and bustle, constant go, go, go, makes you feel trapped […]

Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Iceland

Photo Credit: Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls on the planet. If you’re fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country, you won’t want to miss these falls, including Seljalandsfoss. Visitors can walk right behind its cascading waters – and, if they’re very fortunate, they may even get treated to a […]

Mesmerizing Tree Chandelier At Hall Vineyard In California

Every dinner party needs this incredible tree chandelier, which is every bit beautiful, complicated and intriguing. Two talented artists Donald Lipski and Jonquil LeMaster collaborated to elegantly craft the stunning chandelier. They made it so that it looks like the roots of a tree growing down from the ceiling with glittering limbs reaching out above […]