Cat Owners In Japan Give Their Cats Hilarious Anime Eyes

Cat owners in Japan have started a new trend: giving their cats hilarious anime eyes. Owners create strips of paper adorned in cartoon or anime eyes and then hold them up over their cat’s eyes to create what’s being called a “cat montage” (neko montaaju). The results are funny and they are also adorable.

Anime characters vary considerably, some have large eyes and others more realistically sized eyes, although anime is often associated with oversized eyes. There are more than 430 production studios that produce anime content, and it looks like the industry has new faces to work with. These adorable felines are clearly the new up and coming anime stars.

Check out these 15 cats with hilarious anime eyes!



2. It’s Been a Long Day Eyes


Eyes are the windows into the soul, the look in someone’s eye can tell you exactly how they are feeling. It’s so funny to see these anime eyes because they completely alter how a cat looks. Case and point, the cute cat pictured above has perky ears, a relaxed body posture, and almost appears to be smiling, leading you to believe he is having a great day. But all it takes is the addition of those anime eyes and he suddenly looks so sad and tired.

3. Dizzy Kitty Eyes

This seemingly cool, calm cat suddenly looks a bit overwhelmed and dizzy. Perhaps it has something to do with the height of his location.


Anime is now gaining popularity in many parts of the world, but the heart of anime still beats strongest in Japan where it originated. Anime is the short form of the word “animation,” and describes the colorful, vibrant graphics and characters largely portrayed in Japanese animation.

Anime includes all types of diverse art and can be made using a number of different production methods, including more recent techniques based on new technologies. Anime is less focused on movement and more focused on producing realism of settings using camera effects such as panning, zooming, and angle shots.

4. Serious Cat Eyes


Anime has been a part of commercial Japanese animation as far back as 1917, and has continually increased in popularity throughout the years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that characteristic anime art style really took off thanks to creations by Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989). It was his work that sparked an international adoration of anime in the late twentieth century.

5. Flirty Cat Eyes

Mrs. Cat sure has some dreamy eyes and lashes!


6. Mr. Happy Go Lucky

Loving the addition of eyebrows on this one!


Seriously this is just another reason why I love cats so much, they put up with our silly human antics so well!

7. Batman Cat 


8. Rough and Tough Rodent 

Don’t have a cat? Go and get your guinea pig from his or her cage, because apparently little rodents are also getting in on the anime eye action.


9. Cat With Glasses 

Do these glasses make my frown look bigger?


10. Half-Human, Half Cat

Ms. Feline’s anime eyes have the power to put a spell on you….


11. That Jealous Glow…


It’s no joke, cats really do get jealous! Research has found the emotional center of a cat’s brain is very similar to a human, meaning your cat likely feels the same tug of jealousy you also experience every now and again.

12. Eyes Of A Cool Cat 

Yo, Yo, What’s Going On?


13. Plotting To Take Down The Entire World Eyes


14. “Don’t You Even Think About Taking Me Out Of My Basket!” Eyes


15. Wide-eyed Kitty

STOP Holding My Neck So Tight I Can’t BREATH!


16. What Are YOU looking At?!


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