Cat Hoodie With Kangaroo Pouch Lets You Take Your Furry Friends Everywhere You Go


Kangaroos have such a great advantage over humans, not only do they get to hop everywhere they go but they also have the perfect pouch to store their little joeys. Anyone with cats or other small pets knows what it is like to covet their own kangaroo pouch, but thankfully you don’t have to wish for one any longer.

Japanese clothing brand Unihabitat, known for their awesome products made for both pets and humans, has created what is called the ‘Mewgaroo,’ a cat hoodie made for both you and your pet to enjoy endlessly.

The cat-shaped hoodie with paw-like sleeves makes a catitude style statement all on its own, but it gets even better once you see the massive kangaroo pouch made for your cat, dog, rabbit, or any other small pet to cuddle up inside.

The designers of the comfy sweater thought of everything, they even included a removable lining in the pouch so that you can clean out all of the fur that will unavoidably build up inside.

This awesome cat hoodie will make you and your pet very happy, and it won’t break the bank either! You can purchase one for 5,980 yen, which is around $50 USD or 45 euros.


The Mewgaroo hoodie is made to accommodate your cat in the most puuurrfect way


The hoodie helps your cat stay comfortable while you get things done… like digging into that summer reading list


If you prefer dogs over cats you’re in luck, the cat hoodie is dog-friendly too–so long as you’re not trying to stuff a big golden retriever in there!


Anyone with pets knows just how much hair is going to build up in this hoodie, but no need to worry. The pouch includes a removable sleeve for easy cleaning.


Here’s a video of a cat enjoying hanging out in his mother’s cat hoodie:

Photo Credits: unihabitat.jpFacebookTwitter