CanopyStair Spiral Staircase Straps Onto Any Tree Without Tools


Anyone can climb a tree now thanks to this awesome spiral staircase that will strap onto any tree. The CanopyStair attaches around the trunk of a tree without the use of tools and doesn’t harm the tree unlike similar tree staircases.

Attaching a staircase to a tree can be a tricky task, and when using bolts and other tools to secure steps in place you can actually harm the tree. Thanks to the designers of this clever spiral staircase trees everywhere can breathe easy, while people still enjoy their splendor.

Thor te Kulve and Robert McIntyre are the brilliant minds behind the innovative birch steps that cling to a tree using non invasive straps and thick neoprene pads. The steps attach directly to a handy handrail for an awesome spiral staircase that will safely take you to the top of any tree… no super human climbing skills required.

Designer McIntyre told Dezeen, “We have worked with the arboriculturalists at Hampstead Heath to ensure we are not damaging the tree.” The steps are viewed as a temporary set-up, as long term girdling can still cause damaging friction over time.

canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-10It takes two people around three hours to build a 7m spiral staircase, but it only takes thirty minutes to take it apart.

The official CanopyStair website reads, “The CanopyStair comprises a cast aluminum tripod frame, lightweight tread, handrail, and a ratchet strap that quickly fastens the step into place. The step design draws on the techniques of aeronautical engineering.”

canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-1The idea for the CanopyStair came about when the two designers rented a house in the Azores overlooking the ocean. Due to a large stonewall surrounding the house they couldn’t see the sun set over the ocean without climbing a tree. This got them brainstorming ways to transform an ordinary tree trunk into an easy to access staircase.

canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-4The CanopyStair isn’t just a new wave ‘staircase’ but instead a way for anyone to access forest canopies, some of the most underexplored and secluded habitats on earth.

canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-7canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-8canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-9canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-6canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-5canopy-tree-stairs-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-canopystair-3Photo Credits:

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