Can You Tell Where This Guy Is? Because He Just Shattered The Record For Craziest Selfie Ever.


Nowadays, almost everyone takes a selfie now and then,

whether they care to admit it or not.

The proof can definitely be found on social media sites

that are plagued with pictures of people taking shots of themselves pretty much anywhere and everywhere you can image,

from their own bathroom to exotic destinations.

But, after capturing a shot of himself at an incredible height,

this man is now in the running for best selfie of all time.

Lee Thompson, a 31 year old who helped found the Flash Pack Travel Club, was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the upcoming soccer World Cup.ultimate-selfie-brazil-christ-statue-rio-thompson-2

He had been to the city countless times but had yet to visit Christ the Redeemer, an iconic statue located in Brazil. Sure, he had admired the towering figure from afar before, but had never set foot near its base in person.

So, when he was in the area this time, he decided to finally see the statue, but in an incredibly memorable way.

Because of his status as CEO of a travel company, Thompson managed to convince the Brazil tourism board to allow him to venture to the very top of the Christ the Redeemer statue, something very few people have had permission to do – and for good reason.

The statue stands at 98 feet (30 meters) tall, and taking even the slightest wrong step could lead to a serious injury, or worse. On top of that, Thompson was venturing up the statue during Rio de Janeiro’s heavy rain storm season, which brings severe lighting.ultimate-selfie-brazil-christ-statue-rio-thompson-3

Thompson definitely wasn’t naïve though, and knew the danger he was facing by reaching the summit of the statue. In his blog, he writes:

“When I arrived at the foot of the…Statue and saw the platform awash with a sea of tourists, the gravity of what I was about to experience hit me and the butterflies in my stomach went nuts.”

But he ventured up it anyways, filming the entire almost half hour long experience with a Go Pro camera.

Along with the assistance of two high-wire workman, Thompson entered the statue through scaffolding mounted on the feet and began to climb up 12 flights of narrow, rickety stairs. After about 20 minutes of climbing, he reached the heart of the Christ, which was stunning in itself, made from beautiful mosaics. Eventually, he made it to the compartment in the shoulder, grabbed a rope, and pulled himself up into the head of the statue, where he opened the hatch and was met with a draw dropping sight.ultimate-selfie-brazil-christ-statue-rio-thompson-4

“As I popped my head out of the hole in Jesus’ crown, I was in total and utter awe as my eyes met with a vast panorama that quite literally took my breath away…I’ve never been afraid of heights or tight spaces, but experiencing acrophobia, claustrophobia and profound awe at the same time was something truly remarkable.”

And remarkable it certainly was, so much that he decided to take an astounding picture of himself on top of the statue, capturing what can only be considered as the ultimate selfie.

While Thompson’s venture up Christ the Redeemer was certainly amazing, and met with a breathtaking view, I’m not sure I’d have the guts to make it up to that height – even from just the photos, the view is completely stomach-churning. But, despite the risks, it sure looks like it was worth it.ultimate-selfie-brazil-christ-statue-rio-thompson-5