This Butt Lamp Turns On Whenever You Slap It


Slapping butts may not be good manners but sometimes it’s all in good fun. Allow this butt lamp to help you refrain from slapping any REAL behinds, as you can get all of your kicks out this hilarious invention. The ‘Slap It’ is a butt-shaped lamp that allows you to turn it on by squeezing, pinching or you guessed it, slapping it. So much better than any flip-on switch… right?!

You can thank London-based designer Joseph Begley for this uniquely fun invention. Each Slap It can be programed to shine bright with 10 fun colors, including red, blue, teal, white and peach, just to name a few.

Slap It was originally put up for sale as a limited-edition trial run in 2014, due to its popularity Begley has brought back the interactive bootylicious night light. The latest version of Slap It is listed for sale on Begley’s online store for £149 ($228.36 US dollars).

I don’t know how many people actually want to decorate their house with butts, but once you give it a try it’s hard to resist. Plus, it sure makes for a fun gift. If you do decide to hang one up in your house it’s all about the art, and talk about a conversation piece!

slap-it-butt-lamp-7slap-it-butt-lamp-2slap-it-butt-lamp-9Get your own Slap It here!

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