Fine Art Photographer Uses Bunny Models To Create Majestic Photos


Hip-hop you don’t stop, that’s the life of a bunny rabbit! These adorable busybodies are not the easiest to photograph, but they make excellent models.

Arefin, a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, started photographing bunny rabbits and now he can’t stop. He admits the task is tricky and takes a lot of patience but the end results are always worth it. Arefin quickly realized that bunny models make some of the very best models.

It all started seven months ago after Arefin adopted two baby bunnies. As a photographer he naturally started taking photos of his new pets, but then he got hooked. What started off as taking casual photos turned into an entire ongoing project, which now includes photographing his friend’s bunnies too.

Arefin hopes to expand on his project, bringing awareness to the beauty and sweet nature of bunny rabbits. Enter a fairytale world through Arefin’s majestic portraits of bunny models.

Where’s Alice


In Wonderland


Arefin wrote on Bored Panda, ” They are great models and very photogenic…I like to make them look like they live in a beautiful and magical world with a touch of humour. I want to bring out their characters, and show that they also have human like emotions.”

Arefin admits the biggest struggle when photographing rabbits is that they don’t understand the concept of posing–the number one skill every model requires.  Still, Arefin is happy to exercise a good deal of patience in order to work with bunny models. Once the camera clicks, the bunnies are so photogenic they get away with difficult model behavior.

I’m The Queen


Thank You Lord!


Arefin found taking great photos of bunnies has nothing to do with posing them; instead they do so much cute stuff on their own. He shares the best way to capture the heart and soul of a bunny is to sit back with camera in hand and wait for the magic to happen naturally.

He wrote, “The most adorable thing is when they clean themselves. Though they do it real quick and it’s very hard to get a decent shot doing that, but I was lucky enough to capture some. I hope to get a yawning shot one day if my luck favors.”

Flower Girl


Arefin is always concerned with keeping his bunny models comfortable, when they are feeling relaxed and happy that’s when “the magic happens.”

Arefin spends a good deal of his days following his rabbits around with his camera, just letting them do as they please. This method has helped him produce some of his best photos of rabbits to date. “The way they look, wiggle and explore is very adorable and there are lots of photo opportunities.”



Little Tooni


Hello There!


Talk To The Butt


Before I Go To Bed


Oh Hello!


Unusual Friends


The Grumpy Look


Flower Girl


Jack Frost


Arefin continues to take photos of his model bunnies and hopes to take his project further in the future. He hopes that the photos make people smile, and reconsider how they may feel in regards to rabbits. Not everyone sees a bunny and thinks, cute!, in fact some people regard rabbits as pests.

Arefin wrote, “I saw in some cases how badly bunnies are being treated, and often neglected. In some places they are considered as pests! So I wish my photos will make people love and appreciate bunnies more. After all, this world needs more beauty and cuteness.”

So the next time you think evil thoughts about the bunnies ravaging your garden, remember to be kind. Rabbits are adorable creatures just trying to live a hoppy life!

Don’t I Look Beautiful


Photo Credits: Bored Pandaashrafularefinart, Facebook

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