Brothers Grimm-Inspired Fairytale Landscapes Photographed By Kilian Schönberger


German photographer Kilian Schönberger captures the dark Grimm Brothers vibe in his collection of landscape portraits titled, “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings.”

The series focuses on landscapes and buildings found throughout Central Europe. At first glance these buildings are mystical and foreboding, and when captured in a photo they conjure thoughts of faraway kingdoms and make-believe stories, as the child-like imagination buried within all of us sparks to life.

On Schönberger’s official website he writes, “I think there is a deep longing for tranquil naturalness among people in our technology-driven environment. Therefore I don’t want to show just portrayals of natural scenes – I want to create visually accessible places where the visitor can virtually put his mind at rest and make up his own stories.”

Let your own mind get lost looking at these incredible photos from Kilian Schönberger’s collection “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings.”


There is so much attention to detail in each of these photographs, in regards to lighting, texture, and color. It surprises many to find out that the talented photographer is actually colorblind.

Many might assume the inability to see the full range of colors would be a weakness in regards to photography. But not according to Schönberger, he actually sees it as strength. “I recognized that I could turn this so-called disadvantage into a strength, too and developed my own unique photographic view,” Schönberger writes.


He knows that he can’t differentiate between tones of brown and green, and so he just ignores them all together and focuses instead on the tones and patterns he sees the clearest. Such as the patterns in the wood tree limbs below, which offer striking structure to the final image.


Schönberger focuses on patterns and shapes when shooting a photo, all in order to capture the perfect frame. The photographer sees the structure of an image as the single most important aspect; the results of his efforts offer uniquely intriguing results. Such as the arched bridge highlighted by its own shadow below:


It takes a lot of work in order to capture the perfect photo. Schönberger spends countless hours hiking through national parks and steep mountain terrains, sometimes all for nothing and other times for picture-perfect gold.


In an interview with 500px he reveled how he will travel for days on the hunt for landscapes, camping out at rural cabins, or wherever he can rent a room, in between driving to his next destination.


Wherever he travels he likes to pick up some cultural history along the way, stopping at local establishments and doing his fair share of research. He writes, “I’m also a big fan of old fairytales that are linked to locations where I’m taking my pictures. Sometimes I even have found new locations through reading those old stories about a certain area.”


Schönberger writes on his Facebook page, “Approaching an unexpected world, created by frost and snow. An open eye for structures and patterns is always a good way to gain some variety in the daily landscape photography work.”


Kilian often focuses in on foggy landscapes, creating such a unique essence to his images.


Kilian Schönberger has a variety of photo projects you can look at via his website. His photo explorations include into the woods, mountainscapes, cultural landscapes, and more. He has traveled to all sorts of awesome destinations in order to capture his photos, including beautiful Iceland.






“The landscape seems to be very calm and peaceful. I like those moments… it’s not always a spectacular sunrise what I’m looking for.”


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Photo Credits: kilianschoenberger.deFacebookBehance