Bretagne, Last Living Rescue Dog From 9/11, Honored With Sweet 16 Birthday Party In New York


Many humans and dogs put their lives on the line as first response rescuers on September 11, 2001. Bretagne the Golden Retriever was one of these brave souls, and she is now the only known rescue dog still alive that searched for survivors after 9/11.

Bretagne retired back in 2008, but no one has forgotten how hard and selflessly she worked throughout her life. In honor of Bretagne, the city of New York decided to give her the best day ever by throwing her an incredible sweet 16 birthday party full of all her favorite things.

1 Hotel Central Park hosted the pawsome party as well as donated $1,000 to Texas Task Force 1, which trains K-9 and first responder dogs such as Bretagne.

The special day started after Bretagne and her owner were picked up by limo at the airport and whisked off to 1 Hotel Central Park. Here, the heroic dog was presented with her own hotel suite complete with dog treats and room service, all before the big party.

The fun didn’t end there, Bretagne spent the day indulging on gourmet burgers, opening presents, visiting Hudson River Dog Park, and receiving nonstop love from her many adoring fans.

Bretagne worked hard for the unexpected surprises. Her lifelong owner and handler Denise Corliss said, “Responding to the World Trade Center was our first deployment. We were there to try to find survivors. When our taskforce arrived in ground zero, I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of it. Then I looked down to her and she seemed stoked and ready to work.”

Meet beautiful Bretagne, a 16-year-old search and rescue golden retriever, as well as the last known living dog that worked to rescue people after 9/11.

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-1Photo Credit: Texas Task Force 1

Her first real mission as a working dog was finding survivors after 9/11. Here she is out on the field 14-years-ago.

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-7Photo Credit: Denise Corliss

Bretagne didn’t just find survivors; she also worked as a therapy dog. At one point she disobeyed her handler’s orders all in hopes of comforting a distressed firefighter working alongside her at ground zero.

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-6Photo Credit: Denise Corliss

To honor this incredibly heroic dog she was given the sweetest ‘sweet 16’ party ever… and she enjoyed every second of it!

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-gif-4Photo Credit: Bark Post

Corliss said, “She is a 16-year-old now, but when you are around water with her, she acts like a young puppy.” Hence why Bretagne was taken to Hudson River Park to play in the fountains.

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-gif-1Photo Credit: Bark Post

She was even spoiled with specially made Tiffany jewelry! The present came from the Dogs Of Hudson River Park, it was the doggy equivalent of “the keys to the city” but instead, “the bone to the park.”

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-gif-2Photo Credit: Bark Post

Bretagne wasn’t just spoiled on her birthday she feels the love everyday of her life. Her owner shares: “Bretagne and I have a really strong bond. A lot of dog handlers say you get that one dog, and I’ve had several K9 partners, but Bretagne is that one dog for me.”

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-8Photo Credit: F. Carter Smith

last-9-11-rescue-dog-birthday-party-new-york-bretagne-denise-corliss-4Photo Credit: Bark Post

Enjoy this video all about beautiful Bretagne’s special day:

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