Meet the Blue-Footed Booby, He’s Sure to Make You Smile

booby bird

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Just the name Blue-Footed Booby is enough to make you smile, but if you take a look at this bird with the silly appearance, you almost can’t help but laugh. The world is filled with unique, interesting and adorable animals, and this guy is definitely one of them.

In fact, the Blue-footed Booby derives its name from the Spanish word bobo which means stupid or silly. It’s rather fearless, and also kind of clumsy, which makes it a rather easy prey for man.

blue footed booby

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They have no brooding patch (bare skin on the underbelly) to keep their eggs warm. Instead, they use their webbed feet, which have an increased blood supply and for the first month after hatching, the chicks stand on their parent’s feet to keep warm.

Unlike other boobies, the Blue-footed Booby can dive into the water from a position of swimming on the surface.

This large, comical-looking seabird, is instantly recognizable by its bright blue webbed feet. The head and neck are heavily streaked with brown and white, giving a distinctive “spiky” appearance, while the wings and upper parts are dark brown, with some white barring or scaling on the back, and a large white patch on the upper back and on the rump.

To attract females, blue-footed booby males have to know how to use their feet. Check out this video of these amusing birds in the Galapagos Islands doing the Blue-Footed Booby dance – you might want to save it for one of those really rough days – it’s almost impossible not to smile while watching.