Biology Teacher Comes Up With Shockingly Awesome Way To Teach Students About The Human Body


Few students consider biology one of their favorite subjects. Perhaps this is because the sciences are complex and difficult for many students to grasp. Still, biology explains the internal workings of the human body, an important subject that relates directly to every individual student on the planet.

Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher at the Groene Hart Rijnwoude School in the Netherlands, has come up with a rather clever way to get students more interested in bio class.

During class one day Ms. Heerkens stood up on her desk and stripped out of her teacher clothes, revealing a full spandex body suit marked with accurately placed muscles and organs found in the human body. Beneath the muscles and organs, Ms. Heerkens revealed yet another body suit outlined with a complete human skeleton.

The creative biology teacher was inspired after seeing someone walking around town wearing similar leggings. She went online to find a pair of her own, and that’s when she discovered these two full body suits.

Before making the purchase she had a meeting with the school’s director to make sure it was okay for her to wear it to school. Once her plan was approved she brought the lesson to life and her students loved every second of it. In fact, ever since they have been asking when she will give another similar presentation.

Ms. Heerkens brought the science of internal organs to life when she stood on her desk and stripped down to reveal this body suit:


She also wore a body suit highlighting the human bones:


This is one way to get your students to pay attention!


Watch this video to see one of her classes in action:

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