Beers And Braids: Hair Salon Is Teaching Dads How To Do Their Daughter’s Hair By Offering Beer


A hair salon in Denver has come up with the perfect way to lure dads in for hair styling lessons… a contest! The salon holds lessons to teach dads how to do their daughter’s hair and the dad that gives the best hairstyle wins a free six-pack of beer.

The owner of Envogue Salon came up with the idea for ‘Beers and Braids’  after one of his partners was late to a business meeting because he didn’t know how to do his daughter’s hair. The idea has been such a success that they plan to start up a similar event for moms too.

Dads don’t always know how to do their daughter’s hair but they should because it makes for a great bonding activity. Plus, what daughter doesn’t love it when her dad takes the time to style her hair all pretty?

Dads are given a beer while they work at learning the many different hairstyles young ladies like to sport. In one hour they learn three different styles. Most dads start with the basic ponytail and work up from there.

Once the hour-long hair lesson is complete daughters sport their best hairstyle out on the salon’s runway for the competition portion of the event. This gives the girls a chance to show off their hair and get plenty of cheers. The stylists then pick the winning hairdresser for the prize.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-14Calli Hueble-Bodilis says some dads are incredibly nervous at Beers and Braids, she said one dad’s hands were shaking the entire time. In an interview with Yahoo Beauty she said, “They’re definitely intimidated by the braids, and the ponytail can be the hardest. The guys’ hands are so big, and with their tiny daughters, the dads get frustrated.”

Teaching dads how to do hair isn’t the biggest challenge; instead it’s keeping all of the little girls still while dad learns how to do their hair, sometimes at snail-speed.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-gif-2One dad said he doesn’t always listen to his wife when she instructs him how to do hair, and admits it’s nice to get instructions from someone else. It also helps to be surrounded by other dads in the same exact situation.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-15dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-17Kids, dads, moms, and pretty much everyone is loving the idea for Beers and Braids, so much so the hair salon has had to add more dates to keep up with demand. The day itself is incredibly special, but so too are the skills dad learns in regards to styling hair.


Photo Credits: envoguesalondenver.comFacebook

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