These Beautiful Scarves Will Give You Wings


Is it a bird, is it a girl?! Roza Khamitova is a fashion designer giving women everywhere a set of wings. When wrapped tightly around ones’ shoulders, the shawls made by Roza look like a uniquly lovely collection of colors and patterns, but when spread out wide these fashion shawls look just like the wings of a beautiful bird.

Birds are powerful creatures and ALL of them can do something us humans wish so badly to mimic–fly. Birds don’t need an airplane or a parachute to soar through the sky, they are blessed with their own sets of inborn wings. Unfortunately, these scarves won’t give you the super powers that come with real wings. But at least wearing one of these shawls will make your heart feel free as bird, while your outfit looks glam as a super model.

Check out some of Raza’s awesome collection of shawls with wings here.


Roza was born in Kazakhstan, into the arms of a family passionate for art. Growing up to become an artist herself, Roza has since moved to Melbourne where she works as a fashion designer and freelance artist. Her collection of scarves can be purchased online through her Etsy shop she runs under the name, “Shovava.”

Roza is an attractive young woman with a passion for creating things with her hands. On her official website she writes of her best work, “…It becomes a meditation. It becomes a certain interaction with my piece…allowing intuition and every germ of a feeling to grow to completion utterly in myself, in the darkness, in the indescribable, unconscious…”


These natural cotton pieces are made from Roza’s sketch drawings, which are then digitally printed onto each shawl in a multitude of colors. No matter what colors you look best wearing, there is something you will adore on her shop.

Just like the birds they are fashioned after, Roza’s shawls are made using all-nautral matterials that are soft and comfortable, not itchy or uncomfortable. These shawls are also made with all non-toxic and recyclable resources, paying tribute to the birds, and nature in general, in more ways than one.


Someone has to say it….What a hoot shawl! 



Do you have the grace of a peacock or the fierce mentality of the bald eagle? From owls to peacocks to wide-winged eagles, you can pick which bird fits your style. Perhaps you are a combination of many different birds, meaning you’ll have to order more than one of these wondrous shawls.



Every fashionista knows one of the greatest perks to a large shawl is the ability to wear it so many different ways. Wrap it around your waist as a skirt, tie it over a bikini, or wear it traditionally across your shoulders. Any way you ‘fold it’ these shawls inspired by bird wings look incredible.


Before visiting Roza’s Etsy shop you might be expecting prices on the high side, I know I was. But some are surprisingly affordable, costing around $48. Still, other selections are less affordable, costing closer to $140.

With  21,000 sales, 60,153 admirers, and 4,000 reviews totaling 5 star customer satisfaction, Roza is clearly doing something right!


As well as selling a vast amount of her work through Etsy, Roza also takes on freelance work for art and graphic design, in fashion as well as other areas. Her clients are no mediocre clan, and include some of the biggest names in mainstream media. Such as, Walt Disney Pictures, Kmart, Target, JCPenny, DKNY, Avon, US Polo and more.

Roza is one well-rounded artist, she draws, paints, and creates fashion. Looking at all of the art on her website is very interesting, her talent shines through very clear, along with her rather unique take on life. Rock on Roza–we love your work!


Image Credits: Etsy, Facebook, RozaKhamitova