Beautiful Photos Capture Emotions and Unseen Lives of Homeless Dogs


Photo Credit: Traer Scott via

There are millions and millions of animals that are forced to live on the streets, fending for themselves the best they can against hunger, injury, disease, and, most likely, loneliness. They often blend into the streets, all but invisible, to the point that many humans no longer even notice them.

Some 70 millions strays are said to be roaming the streets in the U.S. alone, with just a small fraction of them even making it to a shelter.

street dogs

Photo Credit: Traer Scott via SquareSpace

Award-winning fine art and commercial photographer Traer Scott does notice these animals, and has a particular eye for capturing them on film, working to change our perception of strays through a groundbreaking book, Street Dogs. Scott traveled with a group of animal rescuers across Puerto Rico and Mexico, documenting conditions and the daily lives of dogs they encountered as efforts were made to help them.

shelter dogs

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It’s easy to see how these pictures could inspire someone to want to adopt – or at least contribute to an effort to help.

loneley dogs

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Traer says her main priority and most rewarding moments are when people are spurred to action in some meaningful way to help homeless animals, noting that adoption is so important because “We have to euthanize millions of unwanted animals every year. Most animals in shelters did nothing wrong, they just had lousy humans. Animals are pure. Their motivation comes from a simple, uncorrupted place. I can respect and enjoy that.”

dogdogs stray

Photo Credit: Traer Scott via

The striking photos are a good reminder that instead of purchasing dogs, we should support local shelters as well as diligently spay and neuter our companion animals, which will begin to lessen the stray pet overpopulation issue.