Beautiful Leaf Paintings Created With Leftover Coffee


Photo Credit: Instagram/CoffeeTopia/Ghidaq al-Nizar

Making coffee is considered an art, so why not art make out of coffee? Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar paints gorgeous works of art on leaves with coffee. Dipping the brush in a cup of java, he draws landscapes, animals and fantasy scenarios. Painting on leaves makes it unique, though he also makes his art on plates and paper – all using coffee.

Coffee painting is actually becoming increasingly common, but al-Nizar has taken a new approach by painting his coffee watercolors on leaves and by using coffee grounds in his compositions.

coffee leaf paintings

coffee painting 3

coffee leaf paintings 2

He calls his art #zerowastecoffee because he usually paints it with what’s left of his morning coffee, making sure that none of it, not even the coffee grinds, go to waste. He also creates latte foam art, as seen below, though coffee lovers might want to proceed with caution as some of his works might make you crave a cup.

ghidaq foam art

foam art

A big coffee-lover, al-Nizar says he was inspired to do art when he received a latte Rosetta, and was bored with the pattern. He started with latte art, but eventually added coffee grounds. Despite the additional effort put in to create each piece, al-Nizar explains why he opts for coffee over traditional paints: “I love intimacy. I feel it with coffee and It’s fun to have fun with.”