Beard Baubles Will Turn Your Ordinary Beard Into A Christmas Tree


What is hairy, festive, and fun for all? Beard Baubles of course!!

Looking for a way to truly stand out this holiday season? Sorry, but your old ugly Christmas sweater is not enough to do the trick. One of the latest trends in men’s holiday fashion is Beard Baubles, the perfect accessory to turn your ordinary beard into a Christmas tree all aglow.

Beard Baubles are sure to make anyone stand out this holiday season, and they are easy to apply. The clip-on decorations offer a unique way to light up the holidays, as well as your own face.

Not sure you’re ready to clip-on Beard Baubles just yet? Check out the following pictures and you might just be ready to change your mind.


Beard Baubles might seem odd or strange, but once you see a man sporting some you might start to think they are cooler than they are weird. For men that treasure how perfect their beard is, what better way to make facial hair stand out even more?


When the Grey London creative agency partnered up with designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, the result was Beard Baubles. Like everything in life, it was a risk. Everyone that helped in the creation of the newest trend for facial hair could only hope the unique beard decorations would actually sell.

Turns out, people LOVE Beard Baubles. In fact you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pack of your own considering the very first batch of the holiday product has already sold out. Thankfully, more should be made available soon, but that might not help with Christmas just days away.


Through the official Beard Baubles website you can find a link to Ebay, here you can buy mini Baubles, and other special Limited Edition sets available.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some Beard Baubles you can actually craft your own at home. There is a YouTube video detailing how to make your own beard decorations.

It’s incredibly easy to stand out at any Christmas party, according to those that have already made their own DIY Beard Baubles; the process takes very little time and turns up great results.


The only request is that you make a donation to the research and awareness of skin cancer through (UK) or (US). Baubles will light up your holiday spirit, but they are also meant to serve another, more charitable purpose. The best part about Beard Baubles is that the profits go to Beard Season, an Australian-based charity that raises awareness about melanoma.

Did you know 99% of all skin cancers are curable if caught in time? Plus, 90% of all skin cancers can actually be avoided with proper skin care. Raising awareness about skin cancer can help prevent it from taking one of your loved ones, which is just another reason why Beard Baubles are helping to spread holiday cheer.


Beards have been a popular fashion trend all throughout 2014, and some men have grown some awesome facial hair for decorating. People are getting all kinds of creative with these festive accessories, adorning their beards, and even their dogs with the cool clip-on decorations.


People young and old delight at the sight of a man wearing a beard fashioned like a festive tree. You can even make your beard glow in the dark, just like a real Christmas tree!


You can follow Beard Baubles on Instagram to see more real life examples of people sporting the coolest trend in men’s holiday beards.

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