Gleeful Grizzly Bear Rolling Down a Hill Like a Kid Captured on Video


Photo Credit: Mathieu Belanger/Reuters via, David Pangborn/YouTube

A video of a grizzly bear rolling down a hill like a kid in Alaska’s Denali National Park is going viral after YouTube user David Pangborn from Duluth, Minnesota, uploaded it on Sunday.

In the minute-and-a-half clip, the bear starts walking normally on four legs and then just seems to give up and start rolling down the hill. He pauses for a moment, seemingly a bit dizzy, and then decides that it was actually pretty fun, so he starts rolling again.

In the background of the clip, tourists can be heard laughing hysterically and digital cameras start clicking. One says, “I think he’s drunk,” while another adds, “This is hilarious.”

The joyful footage has become an Internet hit and has been viewed nearly 2.4 million times since it was uploaded Sunday. Pangborn remarked, “This was the first bear that we had come across. The bus driver stopped and parked the bus and we proceeded to watch the bear do this for 20 or so minutes.”

There are around 300 to 350 grizzly bears in Denali, though few tourists ever get to enjoy a spectacle like this one.