This Life Size Big Hero 6 Baymax Sofa Bed Will Hug You While You Sleep


It’s a doll, it’s a bed… it’s a huggable hero! If you love the new hit film Big Hero 6 you need this life size Baymax sofa bed that will hug you while you sleep. There’s nothing a good snuggle can’t fix, and this bed makes sure you get your fair share of hugs even if you’re all alone.

The uniquely fashioned sofa-bed doll was made using polypropylene fiber and measures 6.5 feet (230cm) in length. The Baymax sofa bed is available for sale through Japan’s DeNA shopping site, listed for a rather reasonable $398. Every bed is custom made and takes around 2 weeks to be delivered after order and payment.

If you don’t live in Japan you can buy your own life size huggable bed on Amazon for even less money. At the time of writing this it is listed for only $359.99 (on sale from $499).

sofa-baymax-bed-1The bed is modeled after the 2014 hit film Big Hero 6, which received excellent reviews from both kids and adults. Meaning this bed makes a great gift for almost anyone in your life. After all, who wouldn’t love endless hugs from Baymax!?

sofa-baymax-bed-1The removable and washable liner makes this doll-like bed easy to wash so you can love it on forever!

sofa-baymax-bed-2sofa-baymax-bed-5Don’t forget to buy your own through DeNA or Amazon!

sofa-baymax-bed-6Photo Credits: DeNA, Amazon

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