Australia Becomes First Country To Ban Lion Trophies


If you murder animals for fun you are selfish, plain and simple. You also deserve to know what it feels like to be targeted as prey for someone else’s ‘fun’. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sickos out there that want to hunt and kill animals, endangered or not. At least Australia is starting to fight back against lion killers and other recreational hunters.

As of March 2015, Australia is the first nation to ban lion trophies, lions killed and stuffed by foreign hunters, from being imported. Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt said, “These new rules mean that if you go overseas and engage in the appalling act of canned hunting, you can forget about bringing your lion trophies back to Australia. You don’t deserve the right to celebrate the slaughter of these amazing creatures.”


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Lion populations have dramatically tanked over the last couple hundred years. Lack of food, habitat loss and humans are all to blame for the decline in this gorgeous, and special creature. Practices as terrible as legal hunting, poaching and poisoning by humans continue to plague the lion population.

100 years ago there were 100,000 lions roaming free through Africa. Today, that number is estimated as low as 20,000. In particular, the West African lion is in the worst shape with only 250 remaining.


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According to the IUCN Red List, lions are listed as a vulnerable and endangered species. We can only hope that more countries follow the lead of Australia and ban lion trophies as well. Otherwise, people cruel and ignorant enough to kill endangered animals win.

Send letters and emails to your government legislators, if we all push the issue it is more likely to be taken into consideration. Long live the lions!

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