Unbelievably Detailed Balloon Animals By Japanese Artist Will Blow You Away!


Birthday party clowns and carnival sideshows are not the only place to pick up balloon animals. In fact, talented Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto creates the most detailed balloon animals you have ever seen, proving this fun pastime isn’t just for kids! Matsumoto’s helium-filled creations are good enough to get even the least likely adults excited about balloons.

If the appearance of his highly detailed balloon art isn’t enough to wow you, you should know that Matsumoto uses no tape or markers, relying only on everyday balloons to create each animal. Even the perfect little eyes are made from balloons and balloons only.

Matsumoto has two Tumbler accounts, one where he displays his balloon animals and another where he displays famous characters from popular media made from balloons. His characters do rely on some tape, markers and other embellishments, but the animals pictured here are amazingly made from balloons only.


Matsumoto’s creations have professional clowns everywhere wishing to get their hands on the artist’s secret tricks… imagine the increase in tips you would get handing party-goers these instead of ordinary balloon animals!


Every last detail is out of this world. Instead of using one balloon to form the torso of the deer pictured above, and many other animals, Matsumoto relies on multiple layers for a more authentic and artsy look.balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-111Wondering how to make your own animal eyes using only balloons? Watch this YouTube video to learn how.balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-171balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-211balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-101balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-30balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-161balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-41balloon-animal-art-masayoshi-matsumoto-japan-141


Photo Credits: Tumblr (characters)Tumblr (animals)Twitter