National Geographic Photographer Give Us a Reason to Smile With Baby Giant Panda Pics

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Photo Credit: Ami Vitale/@natgeo

If you need a reason to smile, these baby giant panda pics are sure to do the trick. National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale has been visiting this breeding center in Ya’an, Sichuan province of China, letting the world see these cute and cuddly creatures in action – and, adorably at rest.

baby giant panda

According to National Geographic, who posted this photo by Vitale on its Instagram account, newborn pandas grow so fast that they need to be weighed every day. When giant pandas are born, they’re “tiny, blind, and pink, with very few hairs.”

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baby panda3

We just can’t get enough of these adorable black-and-white animals, can you? If it seems they’ve been popping up across the Internet lately that’s because there is a lot of reason to celebrate. Giant panda cubs are extremely rare with female pandas only in estrus – that is, ready to accept a male and mate – for around two to three days a year.

And, there were 10 panda cubs who were all born at the center earlier this year, ranging in age from one week to two months. The deputy minister of Animal Management says there’s been a healthy boom in the birth of panda cubs, especially the number of twin cubs, this year. To date, there have been seven sets of twins that have been welcomed into the world – the most twins born in a year on the center’s record.

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