Seconds-Old Baby Chameleon Has No Idea He’s Out Of His Egg


The way that an animal looks while they are still tucked up tight in their egg is somewhat of a mystery. Without X-Ray goggles it’s impossible to see what’s inside of an egg. This seconds-old baby chameleon has no idea he’s out of his egg yet, offering us a unique glimpse at what life inside of an egg looks like.

This particular newborn baby is a panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis). Canvas Chameleon in Reading, Pennsylvania is the pet shop and breeder that helped bring the little guy into this world. They say they had to help him out of his egg because he did not ‘pip’ properly.

‘Pipping’ is the process reptiles and birds use to break out of their shells. Since he didn’t break out of his shell on his own he subsequently didn’t realize he was out of the shell, remaining in a very tight fetal position.

Despite a slow entrance into the world this adorable chameleon is now safe and healthy, living a comfortable existence with the rest of his equally adorable sisters and brothers.

“Here is a baby panther only seconds old that didn’t realize he was out of the egg.”


“I had to help him out of the egg. I don’t believe he would have been able to do it on his own as it didn’t pip correctly so I helped him out.”

baby-panther-chameleon-seconds-after-hatched-egg-position-3“If the egg pips on the side for some reason it can be difficult for the little one to push out as their head isn’t near the hole and I’ve actually had them push out other parts of their bodies like their yoke sac which ultimately end up taking their life.”


“I felt it was necessary to play mother nature and give him a helping hand.”

baby-panther-chameleon-seconds-after-hatched-egg-position-1Photo Credits: canvaschams.comFacebook

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