For The Love Of Avocado: Wool Sculptures By Ukrainian Artist Anna Dovgan


You won’t ever look at avocados the same way again after seeing these adorable avocado wool sculptures that share a loving embrace. Ukrainian artist Anna Dovgan is known for her awesome felted wool sculptures, but these loving avocado halves are easily among her best.

Dovgan created the wool sculpture with two felt halves of an avocado that look just as cute as they do delicious. Careful though, you can’t eat these little works of art, instead they are meant to live forever sharing plenty of felt avocado hugs.

Usually you slice an avocado in half and you better eat it fast because it’s not fitting back together! But these felt avocados are special as the two halves fit together in the perfect embrace, like no avocado you’ve ever seen before.

You can purchase your own avocado love piece through Anna Dovgan’s Etsy shop. You may have to check back frequently as her artwork tends to sell out quickly.

felt-wool-sculpture-avocado-love-anna-dovgan-2Dovgan has made a number of awesome felt sculptures including sweet little elephants, birds, whales and un-scary spiders. It’s easy to fall in love with all of her artwork!

felt-wool-sculpture-avocado-love-anna-dovgan-3Don’t forget to check out Anna Dovgan’s Etsy shop!

Photo Credits: EtsyTumblr