Photographer Captures Magnificent Dream-Like Beauty of Autumn Forests

autumn forest

Photo Credit: Janek Sedlář

Talented self-taught photographer Janek Sedlar hails from the Czech Republic. The young artist specializes in landscape photography with a unique, surreal twist. Sedlar told in a recent interview that he’s been a “serious photographer” since 2011, with most of his captivating images captured in his home region of Moravia and around the White Carpathians nature reserve.

autumn forest6

He explained, “Inspiration I find in daily life, in NATURE, in my feelings and thoughts. I really enjoy the time which I spent outdoor it’s really important part of all process. It’s the space for me, the time when I am turning into myself. I love that change state of my mind. It’s like a return to childhood. The feeling of the present moment. It regains my life energy and this experiences on my roads are reflecting in my images.

“Being in these woods and meadows is a return to childhood, it regains my life energy and I am trying to share these moments with my camera, the process itself is like a meditation for me.”

autumn forest2

Sedlar says that he loves experimenting in post-process, changing the color channels, adding saturation and other methods which helps him to achieve the current atmosphere which he needs to display in the image.

autumn forest3

autumn forest4
autumn forest5