Artists Uses Thousands Of Candies To Transform Rooms Into Sweet Wonderlands


Imagine having a floor covered in thousands of candies, all arranged in rainbows, bright patterns and vibrant shapes. If this sounds absolutely fabulous Australian-based artist Tanya Schultz will make all of your candy-coated dreams come true.

Schultz uses her unique artistic talents to transform ordinary spaces into super sweet wonderlands under the name Pip & Pop. Schultz uses thousands of candies to spark color, fun and fairytale to every space she works with.

Schultz can turn any room in your house into a game of Candyland… you just might eat more sugar than usual after hanging out in her artistically delectable spaces. (I’m getting hungry just looking at the pictures!)


Tanya Schultz originally embarked on her super sweet project, which literally utilizes thousands of candies, with artist Nicole Andrijevic. The two highly creative individuals started Pip & Pop back in 2007, but have since gone their own ways.

In 2011, Andrijevic moved on to pursue a different path, but Schultz is hooked on creating these fun, dream-like spaces using candy and other brightly colored materials.

Thankfully for all of you candy lovers out there, Schultz continues the sweet tradition of decorating ordinary spaces with brightly colored candies. She works alone on some projects and collaborates with artists and friends on others.


Schultz uses beads, candy, flowers, sugar, toys, sand and other vibrant materials to create her colorful candy-coated floors. She doesn’t just create colorful, yummy-looking floors, Schultz’s artwork ranges to include sculptures, wall-works, installations and paintings.

Examples of Schultz’s work have been featured near and far, throughout Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, and her homeland of Australia.


Her highly detailed works of art have a heightened focus on dream, abundance, utopian and fleeting pleasures. Schultz seeks a great deal of inspiration from folk tales, cinema, mythologies and ideas associated with paradise.







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