Artist Uses Bananas To Create Amazing Works Of Art


Bananas are a delicious source of potassium, hence why over 100 billion bananas are eaten every year. In proof of bananas’ popularity, there are more songs written about yellow bananas than any other fruit.

You can dress up a banana with whip cream or Nutella for a fruity dessert, or eat one plain for a yummy snack on the go. Banana bread is delicious, and don’t even get me started on banana cream pie. Although bananas have endless potential you likely don’t think of them when you think about art.

After all, ever since you are a kid you are told not to play with your food. Clearly, imaginative artist Stephan Brusche never got the memo, as he uses his playful imagination to turn bananas into incredible works of art.

banana-drawings-fruit-art-stephan-brusche-7Brusche will create art from all kinds of fruit, but bananas are his clear favorite.


It doesn’t seem like a banana offers much canvas space, but Brusche has come up with endless ideas to make them work.


In an interview with Bored Panda, Brusche explained how his banana art first got a kick-start. “It all started a few years back when I just started using Instagram. I was at work and I just wanted to post something. I then noticed my banana and I figured it would make a nice post if I just drew a little happy face on it.”

Since his very first banana drawing Brusche’s Instagram following has grown considerably. He now has over 17,000 followers eager to see what he will create next.


Brusche quickly learned how easy and pleasant it is to draw on a banana peel with a simple ballpoint pen. So after creating his smiley face banana Brusche went to work the very next day creating a pissed-off face.


Once he got his accidental kick-start transforming bananas into art, Brusche began to come up with more creative ways to use the shape of the banana to add to the art. He kept upping his creativity, “Trying to keep pushing myself I eventually started to carve in the banana peel as well.”

“They show the things I care about or like the most. Not a real agenda behind it. Mostly fun and whatever idea pops into my head when I look at a banana. Though I like to make more Bible Bananas just to show how fascinating that book is.”

Brusche writes on Facebook of the banana art pictured below, “The creation of Adam #fruitdoodle #biblebanana #michelangelo”


Besides the Bible, Brusche draws a lot of inspiration from popular movies and animals. He is far from picky though, and basically anything that he thinks will fit well with the shape of a banana is good for a try.

Like this awesome elephant pictured below:


The technical name for a banana is musa sapientum, which translates to “fruit of wise men.”

Bananas don’t just make great art; they are also used for a number of medicinal purposes. For instance, if you get a cut or scrape you can rub the inside of a banana peel on it to help reduce pain, swelling, and the risk for infection. Some people even believe that rubbing a banana peel over their forehead can help reduce headaches.


A dachshund for all of you dog lovers out there…









Brusche’s fun drawings and works of art have been made into t-shirts, cell phone cases, framed art prints, tote bags, throw pillows, mugs, shower curtains, and so much more! Check out Stephan Brusche’s online shop to get your hands on some of his awesome gear!


Photo Credits: sb77.nlFacebookInstagramSociety6