What This Artist Does With His Finished Paintings Is Crazy


If you saw a picture and a painting, both of someone playing out in the ocean, would you be able to tell which was real and which was the painting? You likely assume that yes, you could tell the difference because usually it is easy to identify a painting from a photograph. The real natural world is so beautiful and detailed, our art can only compliment it, not duplicate it.

Take a look at the photo above, does the woman in the water appear real or fake to you? You might be surprised to find out the only ‘real’ person in this photograph is the man with the paintbrush, artist Gustavo Silva Nunez–although doesn’t it seriously look like he is gripping the swimmer’s arm?

Gustavo is often photographed putting the finishing touches on his artwork, this is his unique way of combining art and photography to create something so spell bounding, you simply can’t look away.

Enjoy these images of how this artist compliments his finished paintings with some unreal photographs.


Everything from water to trees, to people are living beings, and no matter how talented someone is with a paintbrush, no paint or canvass is actually alive. Yet, there are some artists capable of coming pretty darn close to painting the real thing. Such as Gustavo, an artist currently living and working in Venezuela, where he creates art unlike anything you have ever seen. His images are so real looking, they define logic.

Gustavo’s paintings include the incredible details found in the natural world, so that everything from the people to the ripples in the water look incredibly close to real. It’s easy to be fooled by his paintings, especially with the way that Gustavo stages his photos into photographs.


Gustavo moves his paintbrush so that the water truly comes alive. Most amazingly, he is no one trick painter, he uses a wide variety of colors, patterns, and techniques to make the water appear different, and yet just as amazing, each time.

Seeing Gustavo interact with his paintings is so cool, if you notice he has a different expression and demeanor in different photographs, proving this artist might also make a great actor.


Dear Gustavo, I think you should try splashing water on your arms and hands for your next photo shot–can you imagine how totally real it will look then?!


Side note: most of Gustavo’s paintings include people with many tattoos, and I can see he has one of his one peeking out from his shirt in the photo above. Wonder if he has ever given someone a real tattoo. with his art skills no telling how real he could make tattoos look!


The details used in each painting gives each painted person a unique personality, one that seems so authentic and true. In other words, Gustavo paints both the visual, and also the spiritual. The painting and photograph combined create an overall tone and feeling, a story without any words.




Gustavo is just painting the waters while the people enjoy the fruits of his labor.



The bodies in these paintings look truly 3-demensional. Take the photo below for example, at first and maybe even second glance, the painting looks like a hole in the ground, filled with water.


I especially like the twinkle Gustavo adds to his sea-blue waters, they just make everything look so dreamy.


The image below makes me think the woman in the painting might be drowning, which takes on a completely different tone compared to many others. Clearly proving, Gustavo is an artist that can convey many different messages, from light and happy, to dark and depressed.


Image Credits: Gusta Voinutero