Artist Creates Amazingly Realistic Finger Paint Drawings To Raise Awareness About Climate Change


These pictures appear to be stunning photos taken of glaciers and icebergs floating atop the water. In actuality, they are even more incredible than a photo. These pictures are made by a talented American artist using only her fingers and paint to create realistic artwork that practically plunges off of the page.

Zaria Forman doesn’t need any fancy paintbrushes or stencils, using her fingers and palms she smudges pastel pigments into paper, and the results are out of this world. The environmentally conscious artist is using her incredible talents for more than just the benefit of the art world, but also to better the planet we call home.

Check out Zaria’s amazingly realistic finger paint drawings, and get inspired to do something about climate change.


Zaria’s inspiration for her artwork began at an early age while traveling to very remote locations around the world. Her mother, who sadly passed away from brain cancer, was a fine art photographer.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Zaria shares, “I have been drawing since I was a child, and using my palms and fingers to move the material on the paper always made sense to me. I have always preferred soft pastels over the myriad materials I have experimented with.”

Remember finger painting back in school when you were a small kid? I wonder what Zaria’s finger paints looked like when she was little, probably a step above her munchkin-sized peers!


Zaria loves the challenges that come with her form of art. “The process of drawing is stripped down and straight-forward; cut the paper, make the marks. A minimalistic approach is required as there isn’t much room for error or re-working since the paper tooth can hold only a few thin layers of pigment. I enjoy this challenge, and simplicity.”


Her finger drawings are SO realistic it’s almost hard to believe they are not real. Surprisingly, Zaria admits her goal is not to create photorealism. Instead, since she was a child, Zaria has simply wanted to create honest landscapes that truly reflect what she sees.

Her ultimate goal is to draw, “In a way that allows viewers to feel transported to a remote place they might never get the chance to see.”


Planet Earth currently faces a multitude of problems concerning water, from water shortages, to rapidly melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels. Despite the many issues building up in the name of water, humans tend to bury their heads in the sand and pretend all is fine.

Still, science has uncovered some rather unnerving statistics regarding climate change. Seeing these facts through art is much more relatable for many people than hearing numbers and figures.

Zaria says, “Artists play a critical role in communicating climate change, which I believe is the most important challenge we face as a global community.”


Zaria’s work has been showcased at many exhibitions, and some of her work was used on the set design for the 2012 production of Giselle, a classic ballet. If you are not familiar with classical ballets, 10 of Zaria’s drawings have also been featured in the set design for the popular Netflix original show, House Of Cards.

Zaria puts her rich talents to good use, dedicating her art in the name of bringing awareness to the science surrounding climate change. Allowing her stunning finger paints to speak louder than words.

Instead of drawing the ugly devastations due to climate change, Zaria chooses to draw the beauty that is left but remains highly threatened. Zaria defends her decision to paint the pretty instead of the ugly, “If people can experience the sublimity of these landscapes, perhaps they will be inspired to protect and preserve them.”


Photo Credits: zariaforman.comFacebook