30 Animals With Their Adorable Mini-Me Counterparts


You know what they say – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

While some may try their hardest not to end up like their parents, you can’t help but love that these adorable baby animals seem to be exact replicas of their moms and dads.

The adults are charming themselves, but, as soon you pair them with their furry little children, it brings the photos to a whole new level of cuteness.

These animals, with their mini-me counterparts, are guaranteed to make you go “aww”.

1. A furry calico cat and her adorable matching kitten. animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-1

2. A puppy that looks just like its mom – only smaller.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-2

3. A lion and his cub in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-3

4. Two happy looking hedgehogs, one big and one little.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-4 (Custom)

5. A dog and its adorable mini-me version.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-5

6. Two cats that, if it weren’t for their difference in size, you might mix up.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-6 (Custom)

7. A bear taking a swim with her cub.  animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-7

8. A grazing nannie goat and her look-a-like kid.  animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-8

9. Two stretching cats that are sure to steal your heart.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-9

10. A bison cow and her calf in the snow.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-10

11. A pygmy chameleon atop its bigger version.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-11

12. A spotted cat and her almost-identical smaller counterpart.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-12

13. A mother and baby giraffe stopping for a drink.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-13

14. A dog keeping guard of its much smaller puppy.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-14

15. A mother cheetah and her tiny cub in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-15

16. A pair of adorable pandas.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-16 (Custom)

17. A mother horse with her matching foal.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-17

18. A seal and her pup enjoying the sun.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-18 (Custom)

19. A mother bird with her mini look-a-like.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-19

20. An ape and her child, hanging out on a branch.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-20 (Custom)

21. A mother and her kitten that are almost identical, right down to their brown and blue eyes.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-21

22. A mother skunk and a matching baby skunk having a bite to eat.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-22 (Custom)

23. A doe and a fawn in Washoe Valley, Nevada.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-23

24. A mother elephant and her 2-week old daughter.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-24

25. A father cat relaxing with his son.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-25

26. A highland calf grazing on grass next to his father.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-26 (Custom)

27. A swan and his fluffy baby counterpart.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-27 (Custom)

28. A camel and her matching daughter.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-28

29. A mother sloth and her baby in the trees.animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-29 (Custom)

30. A mother cat adorably pushing her kitten in a mini shopping cart. animals-with-miniature-versions-of-themselves-30

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