Save Your Table And Yourself With Adorable Animal Corner Protectors


Have you ever bumped your thigh, hip or tummy on the side of a sharp table corner? Or, have you ever accidently chipped the side of your counter corner with a hard object? Sharp or protruding table and counter corners can cause a few issues. Tiny tables made for toddlers and babies are the worst offenders of all, but not anymore thanks to these adorable animal corner protectors.

The Japanese company Nitori (which can be compared to Japan’s version of IKEA) is responsible for the fun corner-eating animals. The fun invention will protect you, your children and your table corners 365-days a year. Not only do they provide protection but also they make a great conversation piece, and may quickly become your favorite little accessory.

There are currently three different types of animal corner protectors available including a green frog, white cat or brown bear. You can’t put a price on safety, but in this case safety is incredibly affordable. A set of 2 animal corner softeners will only cost you $7.83 (972 yen).

table-corner-protection-funny-animals-corner-guard-cushions-8These corner protectors are especially ideal for a children’s play table. They will help protect kids (and you) from knocking against a sharp corner, plus they are cute enough to be considered a favorite amongst little ones and adults.

table-corner-protection-funny-animals-corner-guard-cushions-4table-corner-protection-funny-animals-corner-guard-cushions-3table-corner-protection-funny-animals-corner-guard-cushions-10table-corner-protection-funny-animals-corner-guard-cushions-6table-corner-protection-funny-animals-corner-guard-cushions-11Buy your own animal corner protectors here on Amazon!

Photo Credits: Amazon

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