Amazing Sand Sculptures You Have to See to Believe

elephant sand sculpture

Photo Credit: Flickr: 4834489465

And you thought your sandcastle you spent hours building was good! There are few people that can possible create these incredibly talented sand sculptures, including the elephant sand sculpture pictured above. It was featured at the Sand Sculpture Festival in Roermond, Netherlands.

Old Woman in a Shoe

old woman in the shoe

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Remember the old woman who live in the shoe? She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread; and whipped them all soundly and put them to bed. Well, she may have had no particular talent, but she surely wasn’t as skilled as the unknown sand artist who created this sand sculpture.

Dragon Dwellers


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Walter McDonald and William Lloyd created this stunning sand sculpture. McDonald said it was a “personal fantasy” of his about castles and dragons. With the help of his co-sculptor Lloyd, it was completed it in four days for the 2008 Tournament of Champions in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada.



Photo Credit: Flickr: 4835095654

This sculpture, also from the Sand Sculpture Festival in Roermond, Netherlands, seems to depict in incredible detail, the glee of the safari participants and the sadness of the rhino.

Dream Catcher

dream catcher

Photo Credit: Peter Vogelaar via

Created by two Winlaw, British Columbia–based Canadian artists, David Ducharme and Peter Vogelaar, the sculpture won first prize at Expo Québec 2006, and took 22 hours of sculpting.