Amazing Furoshiki Shoes Designed to Literally Wrap Around Your Feet


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Created by Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto, the amazing Furoshiki Shoes were released earlier this year from Italian footwear company Vibram, known for their FiveFingers line of shoes that have a “barefoot” look and feel.

Light, sleek and colorful, the new Furoshiki is comfortable to carry and adapts easily to any surface thanks to the sole’s innovative design, guaranteeing comfort and durability.

As store bought shoes rarely fit just right and made-to-order are typically too expensive, Furoshikis offer an ideal solution.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, used for transporting goods, originally in the Nara period for carrying clothing while at the public baths. Furoshiki shoes have no laces and instead wrap around the foot – hence the name, and fasten with velcro.

The original Furoshiki wrap can be seen immediately below. Though this art remains popular in Japan, its use has declined because of the modern high demand for plastic bags. In recent years the Japanese Environment Ministry has organized several campaigns to promote the use of Furoshiki again, to ensure environment protection in Japan and worldwide.

furoshiki cloth



The shoes come in five different colors, violet, pearls, black, aqua and jeans, and can be purchased from the Japanese Vibram store for about $140, though they’re expected to be released nationwide at some point in the near future.