Cool Off This Summer In These Amazing Backyard Pools

balcony pool

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If you could have any kind of swimming pool in your backyard, what would it look like? These amazing backyard pools are some of the most stunning designs to date, providing a perfect place to cool off from the searing heating of summer for those that have the cash. Pictured above, as most apartments don’t have room for a backyard pool, some rather ingenious architects have made a splash with their bold design for new towers in Mumbai featuring swimming pools enclosed in glass instead of balconies.

Double Decker Pool, Dallas, Texas

double decker pool

double decker pool2

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This double decker pool belongs to a nearly 14,000-square-foot home in Dallas that’s on the market for a mere $6.95 million.

Temple Pool, Las Vegas, Nevadatemple pool

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The Temple Pool is an indoor/outdoor pool that’s not found at one of Vegas’ mega hotels, it actually belongs to a $5 million, 19,000-square-foot house in Sin City.

Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California

neptune pool

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The spectacular Neptune Pool, modeled after the Roman Colosseum, is housed at Hearst Castle along the central California coast. It’s 104 feet long and 58 feet wide, holding 345,000 gallons of water. The pool has an oil burning heating system, light-veined Vermont marble decor and four 17-century Italian bas-reliefs on the sides of the colonnades. The castle, and its pools, are open for public tours.

Contemporary Pool

modern pool1

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This modern pool has an incredible design that can fit into almost any backyard with a glass wall that gives it an especially unique and appealing look.

Violin Pool



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Finally, the violin pool may be every musician’s dream.