These Old Photos Show How Disney Animators Drew Alice In Wonderland Using A Real-Life Model


Alice in Wonderland is one of the most famous Disney stories of all time, a wondrous tale of a curious girl that finds herself in an enchanted forest unlike any other. Kathryn Beaumont is the actress behind Alice’s voice as well as Wendy in Disney’s Peter Pan. She was also the real-life model animators used to draw Alice.

These old photos show just how much work went into drawing the classic animation behind closed doors at the Disney studio. In fact, it took animators as long as one week to create 23-24 seconds of animation.

Beaumont was only 10-years-old when Walt Disney chose her for the voice of Alice. Disney wasn’t just impressed with her vocal acting skills, but he was also inspired by her appearance. As a result, Beaumont was chosen as the model for Alice as well.

Post-production, Beaumont went on to finish her studies and become an elementary teacher for 30-years—those were some lucky kids that got to call her teacher! Many years later, in 1998, the Walt Disney Company recognized Beaumont as a “Disney Legend”.

Take a peek into the past and see how Alice In Wonderland was created through these awesome old photos.


Behind The Scenes Video Shows Process:

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