Age Of Happiness: These 60-And-Older Seniors Will Destroy Your Age Stereotypes


How old do you think the pole dancing woman is pictured above? You might be surprised to learn she’s 61-years-old, but that’s why you can’t trust stereotypes about age. Age really means nothing; it’s simply a number not a definition of an individual’s capabilities.

One person runs marathons at 61, while another person of the same age can’t run down the block. One secret to postponing aging is never listening to age-based stereotypes.

Photographer Vladimir Yakovlev has created a photo project that dispels all rumors about getting older. Age Of Happiness includes portraits of people that continue to enjoy their favorite things despite being 70, 80, or even 100-years-old. Meet some of Yakovlev’s subjects and other inspirational seniors that destroy all age stereotypes.

Greta Pontarelly, Still Pole Dancing at 61



Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Robert Marchand, Still Cycling Strong At 102-Years-Old


Photo Credit:

Ruth Flowers, DJ, 72-Years-Old

When Ruth was 68 she decided to follow her dreams and become a DJ. Ruth, also known as “Mamy Rock,” passed away in May of 2014, but her spirit still rocks on at the many nightclubs she worked as a popular DJ in her later years.



Photo Credit: The Age Of Happiness

Lloyd Kahn, 79-Year-Old Skateboarder

Lolyd Kahn never tried skateboarding until he was 65, but from that moment on he has been hooked.


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Annette Larkins Looks 40 But She’s Actually 70-Years-Old

Annette tributes her youthful glow to her raw vegan diet.



Photo Credit: Annette Larkins 

Yvonne Dowlen is Still Ice Skating At 87-Years-Old


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Duan Tzinfu Performs Complex Moves Young Athletes Can’t Duplicate, He’s 73-Years-Old



Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Doris Long, Industrial Climber at 100-Years-Old

Doris was 85-years-old when she first took up industrial climbing, and she hasn’t stopped since.


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Dr. Jeffrey Life Looks Better Than Ever at 70

It wasn’t until he turned 60 that Dr. Jeffrey Life started to take fitness seriously. His current physique proves it’s never too late!


Photo Credit: Terry Goodlad

Jim Morris, The 78-Year-Old Bodybuilder

Morris became a vegetarian at the age of 50, and a vegan at the age of 65.


Photo Credit: Bored Panda

75-Year-Old DJ From Poland


Photo Credit: Mona Blank Prywatnie

Alexander Rozental Still Hits The Slopes at 96-Years-Old


Photo Credit: The Age Of Happiness

Lynn Ruth Miller, Stand Up Comedian Still Cracking Up Crowds At 80


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Madonna Buder Is An 83-Year-Old Nun And Marathon Runner


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Cindy Joseph Knows How To Live An Active Life At 61

Cindy is a fitness nut, photo model, and she is also busy running a popular video blog.


Photo Credit:

Pat And Alicia Moorhead, These Two Enjoy Skydiving At 81 And 66-Years-Old


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Lynda Fox Competes In Dressage Competitions At 67-Years-Old

This equestrian didn’t pick up horseback riding until 5 years ago, she has since grown tremendously in her riding abilities.


Photo Credit: Lynda Fox

Manoel De Oliveira Is The World’s Oldest Active Film Director At 106-Years-Old


Photo Credit: Nosso Portugal

Stanislaw Kowalski Is The Oldest Polish Sprinter At 104-Years-Old


Photo Credit: Malgorzata Story

Paul Fegan Is A 78-Year-Old Magician

The former multimillionaire now enjoys his life doing card tricks for a living.


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

Dion Friedland Named World Body Building Champion And Mr. Universe At Age 70


Photo Credit: Dion Friedland

Polish Kayaker Aleksander Doba Paddled Over 7,716 Miles Across The Atlantic Ocean At 67-Years-Old


Photo Credit: BlackCatracter

Valentin Badich Still Dances The Boogie-Woogie, Rockabilly, And More At The Ripe Age Of 75


Photo Credit: The Age of Happiness

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