Guy Quits His Job To Go On Adventures With His Husky


Is it idiotic or brilliant to quit your job to go on adventures with your dog? Take a peek at Henrik Vikse’s Instagram and the exciting sounding endeavor suddenly looks more brilliant than you might instantly assume.

Vikse quit his day job, but he didn’t stop working altogether, that wouldn’t be so wise. Instead, he started up his own business working from home, thus granting him the freedom to go on adventures with his husky. The pair now enjoys traveling all around Norway, camping at many picturesque locations.

Vikse writes on Bored Panda, “I’m more flexible now, so I go camping all over Norway with my amazing husky. We can follow our dream and go cross-country skiing over most of the national parks in Norway.”

Vikse documents their scenic journeys on Instagram under the name akiakthehusky. “A dog with a nose for adventures.” With over 11,000 followers and growing, the pair clearly has a strong fan base. Looking at their beautiful collection of memories it’s easy to see why… these two are living the dream!

Out on the road and high up in the mountains Vikse always takes the time to stop, get to know and photograph other dogs they run into, many of which are strong and powerful mushing dogs. With camera in hand, Vikse documents every epic step of the way.

Akiak-the-adventure-dog-10__880boredpanda-1-of-1-27__880boredpanda-1-of-1-12__880Akiak-the-adventure-dog-4__880Akiak-the-adventure-dog-5__880boredpanda-1-of-1-22__880boredpanda-1-of-1-2__880boredpanda-1-of-1-11__880Akiak-the-adventure-dog-14__880AKAIK-1-of-1-3__880Wondering what the mystery man behind the camera looks like? Here he is:

Akiak-the-adventure-dog-17__880Don’t forget to follow Akiak on Instagram!

Photo Credits: Instagram

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