6 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Hotels Around The World

abandoned hotels

Abandoned hotels stand all over the world, many of which are full of intriguing tales, historical occurrences, and best of all mystery. Hotels are left abandoned for a number of reasons such as financial collapse, war, or scandal. The craziest thing of all is that at some point in history every hotel, even the most popular hotels today, will sit abandoned, full of unanswered questions, layers of dust and plenty of clues into the past.

The 6 abandoned hotels on this list are sure to haunt your nightmares.

1. Abandoned Hotel Izu Islands, Japan

The Izu Islands were once considered the “Hawaii” of Japan. With a constant stream of tourists, the Hachijo Royal Hotel was the biggest hotel in Japan.

The hotel has since opened and closed a number of times, but seems to have closed for good in 2005. The building now sits abandoned without any maintenance, although it still maintains its natural beauty… in a rather spooky way.


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2. Sheraton Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The creepiest fact about this hotel located on the Cook Islands? Not one guest ever stayed here. In fact, after construction nearly bankrupted the entire island the hotel was never completed. It is still standing today and even listed as a hotel according to Google Maps. If you decide to stay the night we guarantee the service won’t be too good!


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3. The Old Arlington Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana

This old hotel has sat abandoned for many years. Someone who lives in California owns the building and refuses to sell it to the State. The hotel remains open to anyone brave enough to venture inside. Locals say the hotel is haunted and many won’t dare go near it.


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4. Bokor Palace in Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia

This abandoned historic building is open to the public. It was built by indentured servants and completed in 1925. During construction it is said that at least 1,000 Cambodians died. When the hotel was alive and thriving it was also a casino complete with shops, post office and apartments. Less than 20-years later, in the 1940’s Bokor Palace was a ghost town.

It’s not easy to reach this abandoned hotel, you have to get there by motorbike, but it remains a popular attraction for photographers and tourists due to its creepy appeal and history.


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5. Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Hotel Belvedere was once a stunning 5-star resort overlooking the beautiful waters. In 1991, 6-years after its grand opening it was destroyed in the name of war by Serbian forces. Over the course of several months the surrounding city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was badly damaged. Cut off from water and electricity, many Croatian refugees sought shelter inside this now abandoned hotel.


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6. The Madison Hotel In Phoenix, Arizona

As the last abandoned hotel on our list, we thought we’d highlight a landmark that is no longer with us, as the Madison Hotel was recently demolished. Arizona is currently having a difficult time restoring old buildings, and many are being demolished. People were up in arms over the demolishment of the Madison Hotel, as well as many other old landmarks in what is known as Phoenix’s warehouse district.

Despite the fact all of the hotels on this list may be creepy, they offer a piece of history important to preserve. This hotel is proof that none of the abandoned hotels currently standing will be around forever, if you feel drawn to a particular one you should visit it as soon as possible.


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