8 Mind Blowing Caves That Will Take Your Breath Away


Caves have fascinated man for hundreds of thousands of years yet to this day many still remain uncovered or fully unexplored.

Caves are somehow captivating and it seems there’s just something about the mystery they hold, the sheer size of them and often the incredible surprises they shelter within. That said, here are eight of the most incredible caves in the world, each of them likely to take your breath away…

1. Kungur Ice Cave, RussiaMind-Blowing-Caves-1

If you stepped into Kungur Ice Cave you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into another world. Situated near Russia’s Mutnovsky Volcano, Kungur Ice Cave is an incredible feat of nature. The half mile long cave boasts ballooning ice formations which seem to glow with majestic colours as light from above filters through.

2. Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, IcelandMind-Blowing-Caves-8

Located within the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull Glacier Cave is always changing due to the ice melting. While it makes for an undeniably beautiful sight, caves within glaciers can be extremely dangerous to explore as the ice is constantly changing shape and breaking apart.

3. Son Doong Cave, VietnamMind-Blowing-Caves-5

Stepping into Son Doong Cave is like stepping into another world. It’s currently the biggest known cave in the world and inside its cavernous walls you’ll find countless incredible rock formations, isolated eco and weather systems, as well as miniature jungles and vast skylights where the limestone ceiling has collapsed.

Experts believe the cave is between two and five million years old and still haven’t been able to explore all of the cave since its discovery in 1991.

4. Naica Mine, MexicoMind-Blowing-Caves-2

While routinely mining within Naica Mine, workers were shocked when they broke through a cave wall and found themselves gazing upon what’s now known as The Cave of Crystals, a chamber which contains the biggest crystals known to man.

The cave makes for a majestic sight with crystals growing up to fifteen meters long, though sadly the caves are closed due to the general public due to the intense heat within them and as they’re so far beneath the Earth’s surface.

5.Cave in Algarve, PortugalMind-Blowing-Caves-3

If you’re looking for the perfect beach then this may just be it. This magnificent cave was created by the sea eroding the rock, eventually carving out this picturesque cavern. The cave is only accessible by the crystal blue waters surrounding it and inside you’ll find a near perfect looking beach which is completely isolated.

6. Reed Flute Cave, ChinaMind-Blowing-Caves-4

The Reed Flute Cave (named for the reeds which grow at its entrance and can be made into flutes) has been attracting visitors for over 1200 years. Within the caverns are some spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations, serene, mirror-like waters and a fascinating array of colors which will doubtless leave you breathless.

7. Glowworms Cave, New ZealandMind-Blowing-Caves-7

The Glowworms Cave in New Zealand really is like something out of a fairytale. Looking up from inside the majestic caves, you could be forgiven for thinking your were looking up at a starry night sky.

The darkness of the cave’s ceiling is illuminated by thousands of tiny glowworms, creating a breathtaking sight that has been drawing people’s attention for 120 years.

8. Antelope Canyon, USAMind-Blowing-Caves-6

Located in the Arizona desert, Antelope Canyon’s walls are smooth, fluid and lined with a mix of red and orange colors. Over the years they have been carved out during the monsoon season when flash floods stormed the canyon, something which still occurs and changes the shape of the caves yearly.

Many unwary tourists have been fatally caught out during monsoon season by these beautiful, if sometimes deadly caves.

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Photo Credit: Florian Wizorek, Extremeiceland,National GeographicNaica, Bruno Carlos, Vicky C. Waitomo, DiscoverAmerica