8 Magnificent Underwater Caves That’ll Leave You In Awe

Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea Photo by Steve Jones

We all know, diving in open waters is no mean feat. It requires special skills, determination and endurance. But what should one say to these incredible divers, who go deep into underwater caves which are not only off-limits for most but also dangerous! Its hard to imagine so much beauty on our planet hidden somewhere in the depths of water.

Look at these awe-inspiring images from various under water caves. They will surely leave you spellbound !


1. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Cenote System Yucatan Peninsula Mexico Photo by Karen DoodyPhoto Credit: Karen Doody

One of the most famous cave systems in the world, Cenote Dos Ojos. It has two large circular cenotes with water that’s renowned for natural nutrients and healing powers.

2. Scuba diver exploring an underwater cave

Underwater Cave Photo By Alexis RosenfeldPhoto Credit: Alexis Rosenfeld

3. Underwater stalagmites & stalactites, Bahamas

Underwater Caves Bahamas Photo By Georgette DouwmaPhoto Credit: Georgette Douwma

A diver needs to very carefully manoeuvre his or her way through this forest of stalagmites and stalactites. A little push or misplaced fin kick can seriously damage the mineral formations.

Cascade Room Stalagmites in Dan's Cave Photo by Wes CPhoto Credit: Wes C Skiles

4. Red Sea

Underwater Cave in Red Sea Photo by Alexander SemenovPhoto Credit: Alexander Semenov

Red Sea is a popular diving spot in Egypt near Europe. While there are the usual ship wreck dives available, what’s must do is cave diving here. Its pretty safe and easy here with many openings to let the sunshine in.

Glass Fish in Under Water Cave, Red Sea, Egypt- Photo By Sami SarkisPhoto Credit: Sami Sarkis

5. Mediterranean Sea

Underwater caves in Mediterranean Sea Photo by Sami SarkisPhoto Credit: Sami Sarkis

6. Kimbe Bay, Papua new Guinea

Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea Photo by Steve JonesPhoto Credit: Steve Jones

Kimbe Bay is a large marine protected area on New Britain Island in northern Papua New Guinea. The mountains protect it from the strong winds and monsoons, which has resulted in wonderfully protected environment. There are steep reef slopes, walls and caves.

7. Divers at the entrance of an underwater cave

Entrance to Underwater Cave Photo By Jason EdwardsPhoto Credit: Jason Edwards

8. Second Cathedral, Hawaii

Second Cathedral, Hawaii Photo by Dave FleethamPhoto Credit: Dave Fleetham

Second Cathedral is a Lanai dive site containing a 100 foot long lava tube with black coral hanging from the ceiling with lots of sponges and soft corals along the walls. The roof of the lava tube contains several rare corals. This forms a great dive spot for seasoned divers.