7 Striking Animal Selfies That Will Make You Think Twice


Have you taken a selfie today? What about your pet? Selfies are being snapped all over the world, especially in Australia where the most selfies are taken each day.

In second place for ‘most selfies’ is the US, and then Canada.

Selfies are popular all over the world, even the animal kingdom has heard the message: no matter how silly and self-obsessed selfies seem, they are clearly popular. In fact, over one million selfies are taken each day. Which by the way, 36% have been touched up using a photo-editing program—yes, even those with the caption: “no make up #allnatural”. 48% of selfies are shared on Facebook, 9% on Twitter, and 8% on Instagram.

Many people also use direct-messaging to show off their selfies in a less public manner. Celebrities, politicians, the girl next-door, and your teacher all post selfies, so it’s about time our furry friends got in on the action.

We better watch out though, these animals are taking far better selfies than humans—not only are they adorable but they are hilarious! Plus, animals don’t need the same filters or touch ups to strike a confident pose. Here are 7 striking animal selfies that will make you think twice.

1. The Prankster Selfieseal

When you see a selfie of a wild animal, it makes for a truly unique photo. Like this seal that looks as if he is taking a selfie while simultaneously laughing. In the background a gaggle of unnoticing penguins muddle around. I mean it’s just too good to be true, and look at the wide mouth grin! 

2. No Monkeying Around Selfiemonkey

The monkey selfie is another winning surprise. Monkeys are known to be our closest ancestor in the animal kingdom; many of our similarities are instantly recognizable. Seeing a monkey in a ‘selfie’ makes the resemblances even more clear. As this monkey smiles for his selfie, he shows off big straight teeth that almost look like he brushed them before snapping his picture.

3. I Look Dog-Gone Good Selfiedog

Some animal selfies really look like the animal took the picture. In order to pull this off, the paws need to be in just the right location, as if reaching out and holding the camera. This adorable pup gets it just right, even the way his head tilts back a bit, like he’s trying to get that ‘cool’ look. He looks like he was going for a confident stroll through the park when suddenly he stopped, “…But first, let me take a selfie!”

4. “Give Me More!” Selfie5-lemer

There’s the cool, casual, animal holding the camera and sporting a grin, and then there’s the crazy animal selfie. Like this lemur with both of his arms outstretched, he might be taking a selfie, or he might also be strangling the camera. His mother used to tell him, “With eyes like that, who needs to smile?

5. Flat On The Floor Selfiedogs

In order to help your dog take a great selfie, you can follow some simple rules. First, get them to rest flat on the ground. Then get them to raise one paw up as if holding a camera of some sort. You can take notes from this adorable dog selfie. Originally posted to Twitter, this duo dog selfie has since made its rounds all over social media and beyond.  Not only are the dogs posed for their selfie perfectly, but the way that their lips tug back, and their front legs overlap—it’s just too much!

6. Human With Animal Selfiegiraf

Some animal selfies include a human friend in the photo, but rarely are human with animal selfies as cool as this. When a giraffe crammed his head down this guy’s sunroof, he didn’t panic, instead he took a selfie—with his tongue out of course. Lucky for him giraffes are vegetarians!

7. The Trunk Selfieelephant

Elephants are lucky in the age of the selfie, they can use their long trunk to take a glamorous pic. Which is good because I don’t see how they could ever hold a camera with their thick-soled feet.